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Take your life to the next level and start manifesting your dream life.


Start living the life of your dreams and learn exactly how to do it.

Words have a powerful effect on our mental health and being surrounded in a space that serves as inspiration will help you fulfil your dreams. This will subconsciously get you to take baby steps into achieving those goals. You are who you surround yourself with and that not only includes the relationships you have but also the media you consume.

Build your environment for success to becoming the woman of your dreams with our planners and aesthetic posters.

Self Care Planner

Feminine wellness journal with
 8 types of self care 

This journal will be tailored to your self care priorities. Designed for the more anxious and easily overwhelmed with over-scheduling. We can often have busy schedules but this little guided journal is your big commitment to self care. So here’s to taking time out to treat yourself. You won’t regret it!


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12 week undated  planner to prioritise 8 types of self care

Daily, weekly, monthly planner and reflection

Self care mantras to feel worthy of self care

Self care ideas, vision board, bucketlist, feel good goals, wellness tracker and some calming challenges!

Lists of emotions to express and track your daily mood




Minimal design on hardback cover

192 pages of 90gsm blank paper

Available to order in 3 sizes - 5"X7", A4, A5

Worldwide shipping

Perfect for anyone looking for more freedom

Tailor your journal to your needs and whatever feels right for you. It could be a dream journal, style journal, femininity journal, goal journal, manifest journal, what I hope to do in lists journal, feelings journal, the possibilities are endless!

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Blank pages for you to
explore and create.

Custom Journal

manifesting  package

Take your power back

get to know yourself better to set goals that are aligned with your authentic self

identify your subconscious limiting beliefs holding you back

reprogram your thoughts
to develop an abundance mindset

understanding your shadow self and reclaiming your true self

learning to trust your feminine intuition so you can be alignment with your goals

worksheets that will help uncover your blocks so you can heal your self worth

reinventing your self image and appearance to attract positive experiences

raising your vibration and energy so you can attract what you want

We will go in depth to cover issues or any concerns you may have.


& planning here

It all starts with a discovery call

A free 15 minute call to get to know you, what your goals and needs are. Based on what we discuss, I can give you an insight on what we can work on together.

You manifest your dream life

 Once you decide to commit, I will come up with a plan that is personalised and tailored to you with your goals in mind. We will go over reframing your thoughts and I will empower you with the self belief to go after your dreams.

This is where your ACTION  comes in. I will hold you accountable to achieving your goals and will help hold the mirror on the blindspots that you currently have that are holding you back.


Change happens when you absolutely have no choice or you have a lot to loose. This investment in yourself is a commitment that you are ready to live your dream life no matter what it takes.



Process and how it works 

That's absolutely fine, we can do phone calls instead. Bear in mind that this is a no- judgement confidential space for you, so whatever makes you feel comfortable.

what if i don't want to be on camera?

I accept payments on Paypal or bank transfer. Payment is non-refundable, as I value your time and my time, I am committed to working with you and I want my clients to be equally dedicated.

how do i pay?

Yes you can! You can have less or more time with me if that suits you best. Send an email to, and I will create a special coaching package for you.

can i do less sessions with you?

Instalments are accepted and are based on
the type of service you choose. Email me and we can discuss a payment plan.

can i pay in instalments?

If you don't have any one to talk to or you are lacking direction in life or are currently struggling with your self esteem, and  if you are hell-bent on doing what it takes already!

how do i know if coaching is for me?

The meetings will take place virtually via zoom or any virtual meetup that's convenient for you.

where does the coaching take place?


Excellent quality and easy-to-follow dimensions are already provided with the download! Loved this!


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Blank pages journal notebook for the more creative.

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Guided self care planner for the more anxious and easily overwhelmed.



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Beginner friendly workbook to help you feel your best as you go through your healing journey.

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Helping women balance wellness from within and still live their ultimate lives.