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Life can be a bit tough sometimes.

It can be easy to forget the things that you are grateful for and focus too much on what’s going bad in life. If we stop and take into account, there are so many things that we take for granted every day, from the big life changes to the small moments that make us smile.

Take a moment to appreciate the big things (like electricity) and the small things (having a bathroom) will help us remember how fortunate we really are… and how much harder life would be without them!

Keeping a gratitude list is a great way to start the day on a positive note and shift your focus to the good things in life. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of life’s demands, but when you take the time to remind yourself of what you have to be thankful for, it can help put things into perspective and make life seem less daunting.

This article will cover 260+ reasons why we should never lose sight of all the joy and beauty that our lives contain.

What is a Gratitude List?

A gratitude list is a written record of things that make you feel thankful or appreciative. It can include anything from the beautiful weather outside to the people in your life.

Writing a gratitude list is a great way to boost your mood and focus on the positive aspects of life, even in difficult times. A gratitude list is also a great way to practice mindfulness and increase your overall happiness and contentment.

To help keep your spirits high, why not come up with a gratitude list to cheer you up.

5 Examples of Gratitude (That Might Make You Laugh)

Focusing on the funny side of things can help lift your spirits during difficult times and remind you that laughter is one of life’s greatest gifts! So go ahead and add some humorous items to your gratitude list; I guarantee it’ll put a smile on your face!

1. A Good Sense of Humour

When all else fails, humor is often the best medicine. Being able to laugh at yourself and other people’s jokes is something that’s invaluable in life, so it’s worth being grateful for your sense of humor.

2. Late Night Snacks

Let’s face it, if it weren’t for late night snacks we would never make it through an all-nighter or be able to satisfy those midnight cravings! So take a moment and appreciate the fact that there are always snacks around when you need them most.

3. Messy Hair Days

We all have those days when our hair just doesn’t want to cooperate, but don’t let it get you down! Instead, embrace the messy hair look and be thankful that you don’t have to worry about styling your hair every single day!

4. Technology Glitches

Okay, so admittedly these aren’t always fun…but they can also provide plenty of laughs when your computer decides to do something completely unexpected or your phone starts doing its own thing! At least you won’t get bored right? So give thanks for technology glitches–even if they’re annoying in the moment!

5. Crazy Dreams

Weird dreams are often hilarious (in hindsight!) Why not take a moment and appreciate just how strange our brains can be? I guarantee these will bring a smile to your face no matter what kind of day you’re having!

gratitude list - things to be grateful for

What Should Be On A Gratitude List

Having a gratitude list can be a great way to stay focused on the positive things in life. While it may seem like a simple task, creating a gratitude list can help you appreciate the smaller moments in life, and remember to be thankful for them. Here’s what should be on your gratitude list:

1. Family and Friends

Take some time to appreciate the people you love in your life. From your parents and siblings, to your closest friends, think about the people that have been there for you unconditionally and write them down on your gratitude list.

2. Memories

Whether it’s a childhood memory or a recent trip, it’s important to remember all the good times you’ve had, and to be grateful for them. Think back to these moments and write them down on your gratitude list.

3. Accomplishments

Reflect on all your accomplishments, no matter how small or big they may be. It could be something like learning a new skill, or even finally getting that promotion at work. It’s important to remember all the hard work you’ve put in and to be grateful for it.

4. Nature

Be thankful for the beauty of nature around you. Whether it’s a gorgeous beach, a beautiful garden, or a peaceful mountain, take a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature and write it down on your gratitude list.

5. Health

Your health is one of the most valuable things you have, so it’s important to be thankful for it. Whether it’s something physical or mental, take a moment to appreciate all the good health you have and write it down on your gratitude list.

These are just a few of the things that should be included in your gratitude list. Taking some time to write down the things you’re thankful for can help you stay positive and appreciate the moments in life. So take a few moments to create your gratitude list and be thankful for all the blessings in life.

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Benefits Of A Gratitude list

Here are five reasons why you should consider starting a gratitude list

1. Reduce Stress

Studies show that people who practice gratitude experience fewer physical symptoms of stress and feel more relaxed overall. Writing down things to be grateful for can also be a great tool for managing anxiety; it allows you to refocus your thoughts on something positive instead of ruminating on negative ones.

2. Improve Your Mood

Research shows that those who express gratitude regularly generally report feeling happier than those who don’t. A gratitude list is an easy way to take stock of all the wonderful things in your life, even if they seem small or insignificant, count your blessings each day.

Try the 30 day Challenge for mental health and happiness here.

3. Increased Self-Esteem

Gratitude can help foster self-esteem by reminding us that we have something valuable to offer the world, whether it be our skills, our talents or simply our friendship. Focusing on the positive aspects of ourselves helps us appreciate our own abilities and strengths rather than fixating on our weaknesses or failures.

4. Better Sleep Quality

Writing down three things you’re grateful for before bed has been shown to improve sleep quality significantly; not only do people fall asleep faster, but they also stay asleep longer! This is because being mindful about what we appreciate in life helps reduce stress levels before bedtime, allowing us to relax more easily and drift off into dreamland more quickly.

5. Improved Relationships

Showing appreciation for other people helps build strong relationships over time; expressing gratitude towards friends and family not only makes them feel valued but also encourages us to show up more for them in return! Taking the time out of your busy schedule to thank someone for their help or support can go a long way towards strengthening your bond with them.

Things To Be Grateful For

  1. A warm hug from a loved one.
  2. Hearing your favorite song on the radio.
  3. A good night’s sleep with no interruptions or nightmares.
  4. The feeling you get when you’re able to help someone else out without expecting anything in return.
  5. Taking a walk in nature and appreciating all its beauty and wonders around you
  6. That moment when you finally finish an assignment or project after days of hard work
  7. The sound of laughter filling the air, whether it’s your own or someone else’s
  8. Going out for ice cream with friends on a hot summer day
  9. Seeing a rainbow after a storm has passed
  10. The smell of freshly baked cookies straight out of the oven
  11. Achieving something you have been working towards for months
  12. Finishing a book and feeling satisfied with how it ended
  13. Getting lost in your favorite hobby, whether it’s playing an instrument, painting, crafting, etc
  14. Lying outside on a blanket and watching the stars at night
  15. Cuddling up with your pet while watching Netflix
  16. Accomplishing something you thought was impossible
  17. Making someone laugh until they cry
  18. Taking time off to relax and do nothing but enjoy yourself
  19. Watching children play happily together
  20. Receiving support from family or friends during difficult times
  21. Taking time for self-care by doing something that makes you feel good
  22. Having meaningful conversations with people who truly understand where you are coming from
  23. Getting lost in daydreaming about what could be
  24. Being able to give back to those who are less fortunate than yourself
  25. Finding joy in simple pleasures like going for walks or eating delicious food
  26. Listening to inspiring stories from people who have overcome great odds
  27. Feeling proud of your accomplishments no matter how small they may seem
  28. Witnessing acts of kindness being done around you
  29. Experiencing peace and serenity through mediation or yoga
  30. Spending quality time with those who mean most to you
  31. Accidentally meeting up with an old friend unexpectedly
  32. Feeling energized after taking part in physical activities such as running or biking
  33. Waking up early enough so that you can watch the sunrise
  34. Laughing until your stomach aches
  35. Celebrating successes both big and small
  36. Eating foods that bring back fond memories
  37. Giving yourself permission to take breaks whenever needed
  38. Driving down an open road with music blasting
  39. Doing an act of kindness just because
  40. Going outside without worrying about what others think
  41. Letting go of grudges
  42. Remembering past successes
  43. Compliments given by others
  44. Saying “yes” instead of “no” and taking the risk
  45. Knowing that everything will eventually turn out alright
  46. Having faith even when things seem hopeless
  47. Getting an unexpected text from someone message out of nowhere just to say hello or check in on you
  48. Standing up for what is right
  49. Enjoying silence rather than noise
  50. The fact that humans have invented ice cream flavours like cookie dough, strawberry cheesecake, and snickerdoodle cookie dough from a beavers butt
  51. Getting surprised by people who care about you
  52. Creating art that allows us to express ourselves freely without any judgement
  53. Appreciating those who have helped shape who you are today
  54. Smiling each day
  55. Visiting public libraries and getting free books
  56. The sound of rain hitting the window on a lazy Sunday morning.
  57. The coziness of a warm blanket on a cold winter night.
  58. A cup of hot coffee on a chilly morning.
  59. The feeling of accomplishment after running a mile without stopping to walk or rest in between.
  60. The smell of freshly cut grass in the summertime.
  61. Getting lost in a book so much that time seems to fly by while you’re reading it.
  62. Making time for yourself
  63. Realizing how far you have come
  64. Learning new skills
  65. Daring to dream again
  66. Taking the perfect picture after trying out different angles and poses until it looks just right!
  67. Watching wild animals in their natural habitat (from afar).
  68. Cuddling with someone special after telling them about your day and hearing about theirs too!
  69. Having good friends who know exactly what to say when you need cheering up or advice on how to handle certain situations better
  70. Waking up feeling rested and refreshed after getting enough sleep the night before
  71. DIY projects that show how resourceful you are
  72. Having hope
  73. Discovering new passions
  74. Making mistakes
  75. Understanding that failure is part of life
  76. Being able to forgive
  77. Living mindfully
  78. Celebrating diversity
  79. Recognising opportunities that are available to you
  80. Listening to birds sing when you wake up in the morning
  81. Looking forward to your future
  82. Staring up at stars on clear nights has got to be one of the most peaceful activities
  83. Going for a walk on a sunny day and feeling the warmth coming from the sun rays as they hit your skin
  84. Coming home from work/school/errands, changing into comfortable clothes, and finally being able to relax for the rest of the day
  85. Finishing all of your tasks for the day ahead of schedule
  86. Watching clouds in the sky as they constantly change forms
  87. Seeing all-new places during vacation trips
  88. Learning something new every single day
  89. Making someone else smile
  90. Knowing that there will always be people around who care about you
  91. Spreading positivity
  92. The meal you had today
  93. Investing in relationships
  94. Eating delicious food
  95. Feeling happy even when everything else seems wrong
  96. Having deep conversations over small talk
  97. Listening to your favorite music
  98. Finding five dollars or coins lying around
  99. Laughing out loud until tears are streaming down your cheeks
  100. The fact that you have a home, with a kitchen, a bathroom and somewhere to sleep
  101. Helping others whenever possible
  102. Money in your bank account
  103. Writing down thoughts and feelings in order to get them off one’s chest
  104. Participating in activities that make one feel alive such as swimming, hiking, dancing etc…
  105. Giving compliments sincerely and honestly
  106. Accomplishing goals no matter how big or small they may be
  107. Making plans for future adventures one wishes to take part in
  108. Appreciating nature’s wonders such as flowers blooming during springtime, snow covering trees during winter etc…
  109. Visiting an animal shelter and spending quality time with furry friends who need love and affection just like us humans do sometimes
  110. Singing along loudly with friends while listening to music together
  111. Experiencing true love
  112. Discovering hidden talents within oneself such as singing, painting etc…
  113. Being content with oneself even if other people don’t approve or accept it at times
  114. Eating breakfast foods like pancakes/waffles while drinking hot chocolate late at night
  115. Feeling proud after accomplishing something difficult
  116. Enjoying time alone without feeling lonely
  117. Appreciating artwork regardless if it was made by someone famous or not
  118. Having hobbies which help one stay entertained during spare time periods such as playing video games, watching movies etc…
  119. Spending quality time with family members nearby & distant ones alike
  120. Living life according to one’s own terms instead letting others dictate what should be done next
  121. Setting realistic goals & then working hard towards achieving them despite any obstacles which may come up along the way
  122. Crying when necessary & then wiping away those tears afterwards because there are still plenty more moments worth living through & enjoying!
  123. Sharing knowledge with others
  124. Embracing change
  125. Opening yourself up again
  126. Building bridges and making new connections
  127. Spending money without thinking about it
  128. The ability to travel where you want to go
  129. Being honest with yourself
  130. Focusing on progress
  131. There is nothing better than sleeping in on a Saturday morning!
  132. Enjoying a hot shower after a long day is one of life’s greatest pleasures
  133. Singing in the shower to your favorite songs is the perfect way to relax after a long day
  134. Board games that bring the family together
  135. Accepting challenges that are uncomfortable
  136. Finding balance in your life
  137. Appreciating life’s little moments
  138. A good cup of coffee to start off the day with
  139. Disconnecting from your phones and screens and staying present
  140. Staying curious about life’s mysteries
  141. Believing in yourself
  142. Recognizing strengths in yourself and others
  143. Pushing boundaries of what you think you are capable of
  144. Going out for dinner with your friends can make for some great conversations and lots of fun
  145. Going on a road trip to exploring new places and seeing new sights
  146. Getting a new mani always that adds a bit of glam to your outfit
  147. There is something special about finding that perfect item that makes you feel amazing every time you wear it!
  148. Trying something new that you’ve been wanting to try
  149. Doing what matters most to you
  150. Nothing beats sitting down with pen and paper writing letters by hand
  151. Seeing somebody’s face light up when they realize how much they mean to us is priceless
  152. The feeling we get when we accomplish something we’ve been working hard towards is indescribable
  153. Watching movies under the stars
  154. Redefining what success means to you
  155. Developing empathy
  156. Savouring every moment
  157. Letting go of the past
  158. Becoming comfortable being uncomfortable
  159. Yoga in the park
  160. Playing dress up with friends or kids
  161. Releasing expectations from others
  162. Colouring books for adults that make you feel like a kid again
  163. Spontaneous trips that add excitement into otherwise mundane days
  164. The feeling of letting your body move to the beat of good music
  165. Late night snack runs create unforgettable memories
  166. Imagine a world without electricity. From powering our homes and charging phones to turning on lights and cooking food, electricity has truly revolutionized our lives.
  167. Building snowmen or sandcastles
  168. Collecting shells on the beach
  169. Your new hairstyle that looks great on you
  170. Writing poetry or stories from your imagination
  171. Date night with your partner or best Friend
  172. Solo date nights and trips
  173. Challenging old beliefs and mindset
  174. A text from someone you care about
  175. Eating pizza
  176. Listening to live music
  177. Sitting by a campfire
  178. Seeing snow falling
  179. Getting an unexpected good news
  180. Staying up late with friends can make for some exciting night
  181. Water – Around 1 in 10 people across the world don’t have access to clean drinking water
  182. The Internet – Just 20 years ago, there was no such thing as Netflix or streaming services, online shopping or social media platforms
  183. A refrigerator to keep your food from going bad
  184. Staying warm in the winter
  185. Public transport that gets you to your destination, have you ever walked long distances?
  186. Learning something new
  187. Making new memories with friends and family
  188. Finishing the last rep of your workout after pushing yourself to the limit
  189. Reading your favorite book again– old favorites never get old do they?
  190. Going camping– roast some marshmallows over an open fire and enjoy sleeping under the stars
  191. Celebrating new milestones
  192. Winning a game
  193. The new outfit you got
  194. Remembering good old memories
  195. Trying something new
  196. Seeing your favorite band perform
  197. Making peace with yourself
  198. Ticking something off your bucket list
  199. Receiving gifts from your loved ones
  200. Going on an adventure
  201. Dancing like nobody is watching
  202. Overcoming a difficult challenge
  203. Watching funny videos
  204. Experiencing new cultures
  205. Finding harmony in the midst of chaos
  206. Being surrounded by positive people
  207. Completing puzzles
  208. Air conditioning that keeps you cool on a hot summers day
  209. Self care, skin care and hygiene products – Seriously what would we be without them?!
  210. Erm.. clear skin!
  211. Doing laundry by hand isn’t just time consuming; it can be tough on your hands too! Thanks to machines like washing machines and dryers
  212. Capturing beautiful memories that last forever
  213. Receiving mail/parcels – imagine how inconvenient life would be if you had to pick up mail from post offices every single day?
  214. Cooking delicious meals
  215. Loving deeply and wholeheartedly
  216. Exploring unknown places
  217. Catching fireflies
  218. Listening to podcasts while doing chores
  219. Watching sunsets with your partner
  220. Facing your fears
  221. Keeping a journal over the years to see how much you’ve grown
  222. Remember life before mobile phones? Payphones were everywhere – but running out of coins meant no calls until you could find more change! Mobile phones changed everything; now we can call anyone any time from anywhere
  223. Building something from scratch
  224. Finishing a task
  225. Buying yourself flowers for no reason other than reminding yourself how beautiful life is every so often
  226. Screaming as loud as you want while riding those roller coasters
  227. Shopping for groceries – sounds mundane but can actually be quite fun depending on where you go
  228. Listening to tunes from decades ago
  229. Growing stronger from your workouts
  230. Focusing on solutions instead of problems
  231. Being able to see beauty with your eyes
  232. Meeting new people
  233. Living a life that is authentic to you
  234. Being alive and still breathing
  235. Planting flowers in pots or gardens – watch them bloom over time
  236. Having great health
  237. The sound of rain
  238. Fresh sheets
  239. Listening to a song that travels you back in time
  240. Getting a good grade
  241. Sleepover with friends
  242. The first beach trip of the season
  243. The nap after a day at the beach
  244. Dogs
  245. Moving your feet to a cool spot on the bed
  246. Going out for breakfast
  247. Someone doing your hair
  248. Sleeping in after a long week
  249. Bike rides
  250. The sun on a cold day
  251. Driving around with the windows down screaming to music
  252. Waking up and realising that you still got time left to sleep
  253. The fact that you think different to others
  254. When your job is made easier with technology
  255. Having community you share ideas and stories with
  256. Learning lessons in your life
  257. Making progress compared to where you were last week
  258. Choosing happiness, love and kindness over fear shame and guilt
  259. Practising patience with yourself
  260. Developing resilience makes you a tough cookie
  261. Rediscovering your self and your life’s path
  262. When you have the means to reinvest back into yourself
  263. Being able to hear your inner voice/intuition
  264. Admitting mistakes and taking responsibility for your life

Conclusion: No matter how tough things get, there is always something worth celebrating! Life is full of joy if we just take some time out of our day-to-day routines and appreciate all the little things we often overlook – this list should hopefully help remind us all why life is so precious and there are in fact things to be grateful for! So remember – don’t forget to take some time every now and then just enjoy being alive! Take care, stay safe, and be happy! 🙂

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  1. Love this! So many things to be grateful for 🙂

  2. Favour Ebede says:

    Yes gratitude always puts things into perspective!

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