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87 Powerful Affirmations For Confidence & Self Esteem

I am a big believer in the power of affirmations and that is why I am so excited to share with you these affirmations for confidence! In my recent post about the 50 Journal Prompts For Self Love I wrote about some self love habits that have completely turned my life around. One of the habits is addressing your limiting beliefs. To reprogram your limiting beliefs, you have to change the way you think and the easiest way to do that is with these 87 Powerful Affirmations For Confidence & Self esteem.

Can affirmations boost confidence?

The simple answer is yes. The longer answer is you have to be committed to repeating these affirmations everyday and say them with feeling and belief even when you don’t feel it yet. You know the affirmations are working when you wake up one day and your life is a manifestation of the words that you keep telling yourself. It works because I did this consistently and it’s crazy how real this is!!

You do have to maintain your confidence with the consistent practise of affirming yourself.

Use these affirmations when you feel

  • Unworthy
  • Need validation
  • Unmotivated
  • Insecure

How affirmations work for confidence?

One word.


Repeating mantras and affirmation can rewire and change the neuro pathways in your brain which is another way of saying that affirmations change the way you think. Yes it is that powerful, words have power people! If you speak encouraging words to a dying plant, it will grow. The same thing applies to you.

It’s amazing to think that just repeating affirmations can not only change the way you think, it can change your cells and genes too! Other studies even show how affirmations can improve cognitive function, healthy lifestyle choices like eating healthy and exercising.

But you must repeat it in an alpha state of mind (relaxed state) and there is an emphasis on emotions while you say it too.

When is the best time to do affirmations for confidence?

To get the most out of these affirmations, you will need to practise them when the subconscious mind is most active which is right when you wake up.

The subconscious mind is the one that really runs the show, that is why you can desire something different for your life and still sabotage yourself from getting it. WHY? Because the subconscious mind is often programmed to a false identity and is designed to keep you accustomed to your familiar story, whatever that is.

I wrote a blog post on How self sabotage can sneakily creep up in our lives

For more interesting facts about the subconconcious mind, I recommend this quick read here

Daily affirmations for confidence and self esteem
Credit – Oneinchpunch

87 Best Affirmations For Confidence & Self Esteem

  1. I love and accept myself
  2. I am full of self belief
  3. I have faith in myself
  4. I am proud of who I am
  5. I am that girl
  6. My validation comes from within
  7. I am a confident person
  8. I am in love with who I am becoming
  9. I am the best version of myself
  10. I have amazing qualities to offer
  11. I love and respect myself
  12. I am worthy of my needs being met
  13. I do enough
  14. I am enough
  15. I am magnetic
  16. I am attractive
  17. I am able to talk to anyone
  18. I choose myself always
  19. I am able to stand up for myself
  20. I can set boundaries
  21. I deserve to be happy
  22. I love the way I look
  23. I give out good vibes
  24. I take pride in my appearance
  25. I am a kind person
  26. I am a strong person
  27. I am doing the best I can
  28. I radiate confidence naturally
  29. I have so much love for myself
  30. I am becoming more confident each day
  31. I am successful in everything I do
  32. I deserve good things to happen to me
  33. I am beautiful
  34. I am in love with my life
  35. I have good people around me
  36. I am a good person
  37. I am gifted
  38. I am constantly evolving everyday
  39. I can achieve the goals I set for myself
  40. I have a positive impact on the world
  41. I am in control of my life
  42. I believe in my abilities
  43. I am taking actions towards my goals
  44. I am worthy of love and respect
  45. I am worthy of success
  46. I am worthy of kindness
  47. I am worthy of my deepest desires
  48. My life will be a reflection of how worthy of love I am
  49. I will find and focus on the things in life that validate my worthiness
  50. I have enough and my needs are worthy of being met
  51. I am the main character in my life
  52. I am proud of myself
  53. I do not need validation from others
  54. I am more than enough
  55. I have my dream body
  56. It is safe to be my authentic self
  57. I am capable of creating my dream life
  58. I have everything I need
  59. I am radiant and glowing everyday
  60. I am a happy person
  61. I make friends easily
  62. I am a lovable person
  63. I have a great personality
  64. I am aware of my worth and won’t settle
  65. I always do what I say I will do
  66. I am powerful
  67. I love my company
  68. I am limitless
  69. I am a badass
  70. I am happy
  71. I am perfect just the way I am
  72. I take good care of myself
  73. I am worth the effort I put in
  74. I am safe and secure in myself
  75. I am a priority in my life
  76. I am whole and complete
  77. I am capable of achieving anything
  78. I am fearless
  79. I invest my time and energy wisely
  80. My life is getting better everyday
  81. I attract blessings into my life
  82. I appreciate my body and all she does for me
  83. I appreciate my value as a person
  84. I release things that no longer serve me
  85. I am full of energy
  86. I am in love with who I am
  87. I am in control of my thoughts and actions
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