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These healing affirmations for self love are a reminder that the trauma you experienced doesn’t have to define you. These affirmations are to remind you of who you really are and will give you healthy boost of self esteem and positivity.

Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you – all of the expectations, all of the beliefs – and becoming who you are.

– Rachel Naomi Remen.

Can Affirmations Heal Trauma?

Affirmations are powerful statements that can have a huge positive effect on trauma survivors. Trauma survivors can have a negative internal dialogue, repeating healing affirmations daily will plant new seeds in your subconscious that will inevitably shift your self talk from negative to positive.

Healing Affirmations Louise Hay

Healing Affirmations For Self Love

I choose to stop apologising for being me

I subconsciously release past stories and beliefs about myself

I live fully in the present

I am creating a wonderful new beginning

The more I love myself, the more I attract people who love me for me

I choose to be happy in this moment

I trust in the happiness that life has to offer me

I am open to receiving the blessings that I manifest

I am deserving of a great life

I have great coping skills

I am worthy of getting my needs met

I am always willing to put myself first

I am willing to walk away from toxic situations

I am willing to leave old beliefs and stories about myself behind

My strength comes from within

I am a survivor

I accept the past and I can learn from it

I am deeply loved

There is space for me to exist and belong

I choose to focus on experiences that are moving towards my future

I am worthy of an amazing life

I am in control of my thoughts and actions

I have freedom to live life as I please

I give myself the permission to be my authentic self

I have the energy to live the life that I want

I am connected to my inner child

I am worthy of being seen, heard and accepted

I am worthy of relationships that are validating

I am worthy of relationships that match my energy

I am worthy of respect

I release the need to control the things that I cannot change

It is safe to express my self with censorship

It is safe to let loose

It is safe to have fun

It is safe for me to receive love

It is safe to be free

I have the power to rewrite my story

I am a lovable person

I am taking responsibility for my life

I release the need to look for validation from others except for myself

I release the negative self talk

I release the self doubt

I release the fear, the shame, and the guilt

I release the need to self sabotage

I release and forgive the past

I am equal to everyone and everyone is equal to me

I forgive myself for tolerating less than I deserve

I am a kind person

I am a good person

I can surround myself with love and positivity

I can express the essense of my being with no filter

I am at peace with life

I have made peace with my self

It is safe to express my true feelings, even the difficult ones

I am able to move on and heal from the hurt and pain

I am free from all the worries of the future

Everything is happening for me not to me

I am a winner in life

I let go of the struggle

I let go of the constant negativity

I let go of living in survival mode

I let go of the resistance to change

I am able to hold space for my feelings without surpressing them

I am gentle with myself when painful memories or triggers arise

I am a work in progress

I am shedding parts of myself that no longer serve me

I am releasing trauma from my body

I am treating my body with respect

I give myself permission to cry

I am loved without expectations and conditions

I am living my life without fear

I give my inner child all the love that she didn’t get

I give my inner child all the acceptance that she didn’t get

I give my inner child all the validation that she didn’t get

I give my inner child all the support that she didn’t get

I give my inner child all the parenting that she didn’t get

I give my inner child everything that was taken away from her

I am supportive towards my hobbies, passions, talents and accomplishments

I allow myself to play, rest and take breaks without guilt

I practise all forms of self care

I am attracting safe people into my life

I am creating a family of loving and supportive people in my life

I am perfectly okay just as I am

It is okay to be myself

I have love

I can give myself everything all the love I need

I am a great person

I have a great personality

I allow myself to be vunerable

I have faith in myself

I trust myself fully

I am able to set the right boundaries with myself and others

I am healing

My life is getting better

I allow myself to grow and flourish beyond my wildest dreams

I can embrace change with an open heart

I am becoming the best version of myself

How To Use Affirmations For Self Love & Healing

Set a daily reminder

Set aside five to ten minutes each day to focus on repeating your chosen affirmation out loud while meditating or doing a mindful activity. You can use self love wallpapers in your living space to serve as a constant reminder or better yet use a reminder app that sends you an affirmation every hour.

Use Visualisation

Visualisation helps you create the reality you want faster. If you can imagine it you increase your chances of making it happen. Start by creating a visualisation book or a vision board to make visualising your highest self easier.

Visualisation is more effective when used with emotions, choose affirmations that resonate with you to make sure your emotions are exciting, positive and full of love for yourself.

Use the right language

Be sure to use words like ‘I am’, ‘I have’, you want to avoid using ‘I don’t’ or ‘I am not’. For example, instead of saying ‘I don’t have anxiety’, try saying I am calm or I am safe. Notice how the words I use are positive and are focused on everything that I want. I wouldn’t use the word ‘anxiety’ as that is not what I want.

Another aspect of language is body language. Use reaffirming body language that aids in your belief as you repeat healing affirmations. A hand on your chest, fist in the air, chest pounding or a thumbs up, whatever makes you believe!

Why Self Love Is So Difficult?

Self Love can be difficult because we are taught that who we are is not good enough. And so we spend a huge portion of our lives living in self hate, chasing perfection and wanting to be anyone else but ourselves. Ironically, we seek out acceptance and validation from people who aren’t capable of love, further confirming our feelings of unlovableness.

Affirmation Mantras To Put Yourself First

I am deserving of all my needs and desires

I am truly free to be my authentic self

It is safe to be free and happy

The more I live my life in alignment, the more abundance, love and joy flows to me

I am worth the investment in myself

I am in the driver’s seat of my life

How Can I Practise Self Love?

Self Love is the action that you take towards your self. Key word ACTION. You can’t say you love yourself but treat yourself like crap. Self love is the effect of practising self care. Practising self care is empowering because it comes from a place of acceptance as opposed to fixing yourself. A good place to start would be knowing the benefits of self love or the 17 self love tips on learning to love yourself.

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