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Are you struggling with your money mindset? Is money something that you would rather not talk about and pretend it doesn’t exist? Do you find yourself constantly worrying about finances and feeling like you’ll never have enough?

Money journaling can be a powerful tool to help you shift your mindset and create a healthy relationship with money.

By taking the time to reflect on your thoughts and beliefs about money, you can identify any limiting beliefs or negative patterns that may be holding you back. These money journal prompts can help you explore these areas more deeply and help you develop an abundance mindset.

In this article, we’ll explore 21 powerful shadow work journal prompts to help you shift your money mindset and cultivate a more positive relationship with finances.

Understanding Your Money Story

Your money story is a set of beliefs that you hold about money. These beliefs can be positive or negative, and they can impact the way you think, feel, and behave when it comes to money.

Having a negative money mindset can also be called a scarcity mentality, where you believe that there is never enough money to go around. This can result in feelings of anxiety, stress, and fear around money.

A positive money mindset, on the other hand, is what you may know as an abundance mindset, where you believe that there is always enough money to meet your needs and achieve your goals.

Why is money important?

Let’s be real, if you want to do things that makes your heart sing from the rooftops, you need money! You need money to travel, to go on trips, to eat healthy, to invest in your hobbies and to live your version of what a romanticized life looks like.

So I am not going to sugarcoat it. Money is as important as the air we breathe, you can’t go a whole day without using money or using something that money was involved with.

Understanding your money story is the first step in improving your relationship with money. To understand your money mindset, you need to examine what current stories you have about money.

journal prompts for money mindset
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Common money stories look like

Rich people are gross and greedy

Money is the root of all evil

Money doesn’t buy happiness

You have to work hard to make money

When I have the money I will start doing xyz

Money doesn’t grow on trees

There is never enough money

I can’t afford it

Money isn’t everything, it’s not that important

Save your money for a rainy day

You can’t grow rich doing what you love

You have to have a good secure job

More money more problems

It’s lonely at the top

Always have a plan b

You need money to make money

I don’t make enough to save money

Never go into debt

It’s superficial, shallow and rude to talk about money

Money causes stress

I don’t want people relying and depending on me

journal prompts for money mindset
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The Importance of Journaling for Money Mindset

Your money mindset doesn’t have to be set in stone. You can work on having an abundance mindset and improve your relationship with money. Here are some reasons why journal prompts are important for improving your money mindset:

  • It helps you identify limiting beliefs: Many of us have negative beliefs about money that hold us back from achieving financial success. By writing down your thoughts and feelings about money, you can gain clarity and self awareness into your financial beliefs and behaviours.
  • It helps you stay focused on your money goals: Writing down your financial goals and plans can help you stay focused on what’s important. When you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, it’s easier to make decisions that align with your goals.
  • It helps you track your progress: Journaling allows you to track your progress as you work towards your financial goals. By looking back at your entries, you can see how far you’ve come and celebrate your successes.
  • It helps you manage your emotions: Money can be a source of stress and anxiety for many people. By writing down your thoughts and feelings about money, you can release negative emotions and develop a more positive relationship with your finances.

By reframing your negative beliefs about money, you can take steps to make money your best friend and make her work for your financial abundance.

Journal Prompts for Building a Positive Money Mindset

1. List the 5 things you remember your parents telling you about money? Take some time to reflect on what you were taught about money growing up, and any beliefs you may have picked up along the way. Write down any negative or limiting beliefs you currently hold about money.

2. How can you reframe negative beliefs about money? Take any negative or limiting beliefs you wrote down earlier and break them down till you can reframe them logically. Also note how this beliefs are keeping you stuck in your current financial reality.

For example;

Limiting belief : Money is the root of all evil

Question: Hasn’t money been used to do positive things in the world?

Answer: Yes, tons – medicine, technology, restaurants, air travel, ice cream.

Question: People who steal, lie and cheat do so because of the necessity of money, doesn’t it make sense to have it and an abundance of it?

Answer: Yes, I suppose I could help people in need as well.

Question: Isn’t money a neutral resource like water, air and the sky? Why give it an unfair meaning?

Answer: Actually, now that I think about it money hasn’t done anything wrong.

Reframed belief: Money is a tool that can be used for good or bad – it’s up to me to use it in a positive way.

3. Write a letter to money telling her how you really feel. What would your ideal relationship with money look like? Imagine a future where you have a healthy and positive relationship with money. What does that look like? How do you feel about money in this future scenario?

4. When was the last time money showed up when you needed her? It can be easy to focus on the negative when it comes to money, but it’s important to acknowledge the times when money showed up for you too. Write down any times when money has brought joy, security, or abundance in your life.

5. Write down 5 positive words to describe money.

journal prompts for money mindset
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Journal Prompts for Overcoming Money Blocks

6. Notice where you cling to “security” in a way that’s holding you back. Abundance shows up to everyone but you have to be open to receiving – where are you holding back in jobs, relationships, experiences, and personal growth.

Find something that isn’t serving you and choose to let go, a difficult and crucial step that could cause gigantic shifts in all areas of life.

7. What emotions come up for you when you think about money? Are you afraid of not having enough, or guilty for wanting more? Do you think rich people are greedy fat heads? Explore these emotions and try to understand where they come from.

8. Make a list of the reasons why you deserve money. Write 10 reasons why you feel you deserve money. Instead of feeling guilty for wanting more money, focus on how having more money can help you live the life you want.

This journal prompt for money mindset helps you manifest money faster and keep it. The reason why 70% of lottery winners lose all their money within the first 5 years is because they do not feel worthy or deserving of having money.

9. What are your financial goals? Write them down and be specific. How much do you want to earn, save, or invest? What do you want to use the money for? Visualize yourself achieving these goals and imagine how it will feel. This will help you stay motivated and focused on your financial success.

10. What actions can you take to improve your financial situation? Write down a list of practical steps you can take, such as creating a budget, paying off debt, or starting a side hustle. Break these steps down into smaller, manageable tasks and set deadlines for yourself.

In addition to these money journal prompts ideas, consider tracking your expenses and income in your money journal. This can help you identify areas where you can cut back on spending and save more money. Facing money head on, instead of avoiding it is a great way to overcome money blocks.

Also if you haven’t already I highly recommend the How To Get Rich series on Netflix by Ramit Sethi

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Journal Prompts For Financial Freedom

When it comes to improving your money mindset, it can be difficult to know where to start with journal prompts. Here are some easy beginner journal prompts to help you get started on how to have an abundance mindset with money:

11. Write down 10 things you are grateful to money for (e.g., booking a vacation, paying off a credit card)

12. What thoughts about money are blocking my flow? (ask yourself this question and wait in silence to hear an answer)

13. What are the limiting words you and the people around you often say about money?

14. What are your big whys for making more money? Why do you actually want to be rich?

15. What is something you really love to do that makes you feel aligned to your truest most authentic self?

16. Try this exercise to expand your creativity – write down 20 mindstorming ideas (which I learnt from Brian Tracy) on how you can increase your income.

Money Shadow Work Prompts For Manifestation

Doing the necessary shadow work prompts around money and your current financial situation will help you uncover what’s really holding you back so you can be in the right mindset to break through to the next level of financial progress. Here are some shadow work journal prompts for manifestation:

17. What does a day in your life look like as a rich, successful version of yourself? Write down your ideal day as if it were already happening. Nothing is too off limits or crazy. It’s your dream so make it fun and use your imagination!

18. What emotions do you feel when visualising your dream day-in-the-life? Write down the feelings associated with your day in your rich girl romanticised life. Write down anything that comes to mind.

19. Create a mantra of your day in the life as if it’s already happened. An example of a mantra could be “I am a money making machine, I run my own business doing what I love and I get to live a life that is full of adventure and travel”.

20. Make a list of things that you are grateful for in your life. I put together a gratitude list so that you can be inspired by it. Having gratitude is really the quickest way to turn your ho-hum situation with money around.

21. Write down 3 things that scare you and do one of them. It doesn’t have to be a financial goal, the point of this shadow work prompt is to manifest more faith and confidence in yourself. This manifestation will affect other areas of life as well, as you grow in confidence you begin to take more risks.

So what risk or change are you willing to take a chance on today?

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journal prompts for money mindset
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21 Journal Prompts For Money Mindset & Abundance

By reflecting on your money beliefs, habits, and goals, you have taken a crucial step towards improving your financial well-being which is a huge component of self care.

Remember that journaling is a powerful tool that can help you gain clarity and transform your life. Use these 21 journal prompts ideas whenever you need to reprogram your money mindset and make positive changes.

In this article, you have explored various money journal prompt examples that can help you:

  • Identify your limiting beliefs about money
  • Challenge your negative self-talk and replace it with positive affirmations
  • Set realistic and inspiring financial goals
  • Create a budget that aligns with your values and priorities
  • Track your spending and saving habits
  • Cultivate gratitude and abundance mindset
  • Overcome your fears and take action towards your dreams

Remember that your money mindset is not fixed or predetermined. You have the power to change it at any time by shifting your thoughts, which will affect how you feel about money, and will consequently alter your behaviors.

I’m curious to know what is your money story? Let me know in the comments!

Comments +

  1. This is such valuable information. I have definitely been someone who didn’t have a healthy money mindset. I wasn’t raised in a family that talked positively about money. There wasn’t much money coming in so there was always a scarcity mindset. I’m definitely going to use the tips you provided and start journaling about money!

  2. Carolyn M says:

    Interesting read, I only dabble with journaling but I’m intrigued by your prompts. I think they are a great resource for someone needing some self discovery.

  3. I’ve been into journaling recently and absolutely love these journal prompts! I’m all about manifesting and trying to keep a positive outlook on life. I like how your prompts help encourage that. Great post!

  4. Pantea says:

    I love this article and fully embrace the idea of journaling about our money thoughts, stories, and ideas. So many folks have a negative narrative and even trauma that they’ve experienced as a result of the poor financial situations that they have been in. Your post is such a therapeutic way to address this.

  5. Taylor says:

    I would have never thought of this!

  6. Citrine Fox says:

    I was looking for exactly this type of article and it more than delivered! Thank you for being a part of my journey!
    Blessed Be,
    -Citrine Fox

    • Favour Ebede says:

      Wow, amazing! So glad to hear that the journal prompts have helped with your money mindset. Wishing you the best in your journey Citrine!

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