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The latest beauty trend I have been obsessing over lately is the dark feminine makeup look.

I went out with some girls and one of them told me that a guy that was on a date with a girl had been staring at me the whole time.

The girl, of course ended up leaving! I didn’t intend to get the attention I did and was in no way trying to disrupt a date.

I felt bad for the poor girl, but I say that to say that these dark feminine makeup tips have been tested and approved so use them cautiously!

There’s a reason why this makeup look makes me feel confident and puts me in my siren energy!

From captivating siren eyes, exaggerated contour, and bold lips, these dark feminine makeup looks are here to stay. Say goodbye to being invisible and hello to main character as you explore the best dark feminine makeup looks that are set to redefine your makeup game.

dark feminine makeup

What Is Dark Feminine Makeup?

If light feminine makeup is all about playing up your child-like innocence with features like rosy cheeks, doe eyes and softer colours, then the dark feminine makeup is about accentuating your sexier features, a lot of emphasis on the eyes to make you look more attractive and irresistible and of course darker hues.

It is all just a matter of personal preference. The makeup that makes you feel your best, is what would make you look more feminine.

Top 9 Dark Feminine Makeup Looks

1. Siren Eyes

dark feminine makeup

The siren eyes is the foundation of any dark feminine makeup look or the office siren makeup. Characterized by sultry, smoldering feline eyes and dramatic lashes, siren eyes are perfect for those who want to captivate with their gaze.

There are possible variations of this look, you can opt to have your eyeliner drawn in the inner corners, smoke out the liner, or extend your wings. this trend is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

2. Cherry Cola Lips

Nothing screams femme fatale than signature ‘Marilyn Monroe’ red lips. This is more than just wearing a classic red lipstick, you can achieve this look by applying dark red liner to the corner of your lips and your favourite lip gloss for the perfect duo. Just watch the dark feminine tutorial above on how to achieve the perfect cherry lips.

3. Thin Brows

dark feminine makeup

Bid farewell to thick bushy brows and welcome the thinner almost non-existent brows. This trend, popularized by runway models and celebrities alike, you may have seen this look on Doja Cat.

Honestly, I was a bit iffy about this trend making it back from the early 00s, only because I wasn’t a fan of it originally. If you have a large forehead, I would stay clear from this one. It just depends on your style personality and aesthetic.

4. Frosted Eyes

dark feminine makeup

Want to get the icy look but still want to add some edginess to it? This dark feminine makeup look features soft, pastel hues and iridescent finishes that create a dreamy, otherworldly effect.

You could opt for a subtle wash of color or a bold metallic sheen, these frosted eyes add a touch of ethereal fairy dust to your makeup.

5. Grungy Smoky Eyes

dark feminine makeup

Embrace your inner rebel with the grungy smoky eyes look. Characterized by dark, smudged shadows and lived-in liner, this trend exudes effortless coolness and attitude that is super achievable in just 5 minutes.

You can make it more fun by experimenting with deep, dark tones and grungy textures to achieve a more interesting look.

6. Double Winged Eyeliner

dark feminine makeup

Nobody likes a basic and predictable Betty, so you have to switch it up sometimes!

The double winged eyeliner adds a simple twist to the wings of the cat eye. Just amp up your usual winged look by adding a second flick for added drama and flair.

You could prefer a subtle double wing or a bold, graphic statement, this trend is guaranteed to make your eyes pop and command attention.

7. Bold Lip Liner

dark feminine makeup


If your lips are your favourite asset, make them stand out by daring to line your lips without blending them in.

Outlining your lips with a contrasting liner adds dimension and definition for a truly show-stopping effect. Experiment with different shades to find the perfect bold lip that works for you.

8. Bottom lashes

dark feminine makeup

The bottom lashes are often overlooked but do you know you can accentuate them too to create the illusion of having larger eyes. Bottom lashes can add an extra pizzazz and femininity to your look.

You can opt for a few coats of mascara or experiment with individual falsies. Fluttery bottom lashes are sure to make a statement and enhance your eye makeup game.

9. Cut Crease

dark feminine makeup looks

Master the art of precision with the cut crease. Defined by sharp lines and contrasting shades, this technique creates a striking contrast between the eyelid and crease for a dramatic, sculpted effect.

I love the cut crease because of the face lift effect you get from blending your eyeshadow upwards.

And that is all for the best dark feminine makeup looks yet! Let me know which one was your fave. I hope you found some new makeup looks to try for your next outing. Stay tuned for more beauty and wellness tips!

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