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These Amazon must haves for women are inspired by TikTok. This affordable product list for ladies also serves as unique gift ideas that every girl needs. Stick with me till the end of this post because you are going to love this one!

From women personal care products to super cute kawaii inspired office supplies, back to school or work amazon must haves, there is something for every woman, teens included.

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Safety Alarm

Now this is a must have item for women. If you’re travelling to a new city solo or you are fond of taking your hot girl walks at night. This safety alarm key chain will come in handy to ward off creepy guys trying to take advantage of you. It’s better to be safe than sorry ladies!

amazon must haves for women

Workout set

You might hate working out but nothing makes you more motivated to go the gym than a cute pair of workout clothes! I particularly love this one because it gives me the clean girl aesthetic and it’s super affordable.

This set already has tummy control but if you’re looking to get that waist extra snatched, I highly suggest getting a waist trainer while doing your workout.

Sidenote: This Is What Happened When I Worked Out Like A Victoria Secrets Model

Stanley Cup

The Stanley hype started on TikTok and has taken the wellness community by storm ever since. You see it in almost every ‘that girl routine‘ on TikTok, I would add this to my Amazon must haves list in 2023 just for the aesthetic.

amazon must haves for women


You can never have too many basics, especially quality ones! I can’t tell you the number of times, I’ve had nothing to wear with so many clothes in my closet. I had too many clothes but no foundational pieces to work with.

If you currently have this problem in 2023, then you are better off adding basics to your amazon must haves.

Headphone headband

These headbands are great for falling asleep while listening to nature sounds or a sleep meditation, without the annoyance of your ear phones falling out. You could also use them at the gym, yoga or running, they not only block outside noise, they help get your hair out of the way too.

Pore Strips

Have you ever woken up to a huge zit on your face? Or did you have an important occasion coming up and suddenly have an uninvited guest pop up on your face?

An easy solution for those huge zits is to get a pimple patch, it usually just dissolves the pimple overnight. Have huge pores on your nose? The Mighty Patch is really great for shrinking those extra large pores on your nose overnight!

Gel Nail Polish set

Getting my nails done is really one of my favourite self care activities. But I have to admit it can cost a pretty penny. For my girlies who love to get their nails done but can’t really afford $150 on a mani and pedi, try DIYing it.

amazon must haves for women

Wearable Blanket

We are almost in the winter season, which is the perfect time to add more layers. I don’t know about you but I personally hate waking up to the winter cold in the morning. Something oversized and thick like this wearable blanket is perfect around the house – I mean its a blanket and you can wear it! How genius is that!!

Collagen Cream

Teens might not have worry about anti-aging creams just yet, but my girlies from mid-twenties and up have to consider adding this collagen cream to their amazon must haves list.

Just in case you may not know what collagen does for your skin;

WedMd confirms that collagen is a protein responsible for healthy joints and skin elasticity. As you age, your collagen starts to breaks down, and it gets harder for your body to produce more.

In layman’s terms, it just means collagen is what keeps our skin from sagging, giving us that plump, juicy, youthful look.

amazon must haves for women

Aluminium Free Deodorant

I have tried some aluminium free deodorants in the past and none of them were quite as effective in terms of the lasting power. These deodorants smell divine, they are non toxic for you and they last you the whole day without having to top up.

amazon must haves for women

Non Toxic Pads & Liners

Speaking of non toxic personal care products for women, having clean sanitary pads and panty liners free from harsh chemicals are an absolute amazon must haves! The chemicals in the traditional sanitary pads are harmful to your body and have been known to cause cancer and fertility issues.

Teeth Whitening Strips

These whitening strips are the best teeth whitening solution I have ever come across! There are a lot of gimmicky teeth whitening products on the market, that aren’t even recommended by dentists.

If you can’t afford the traditional teeth whitening route, this would be the best alternative to getting those pearly whites! You will see a noticeable difference in a week!!


Spending a little extra on your undergarments is key to looking more effortlessly put together and expensive. It makes such a huge difference when your bra seams aren’t showing, or you don’t have ill-fitting underwear puckering at the seams.

This super stretchy seamless shapewear will hug you in the right places, giving you a more hourglass shape.

Strapless Bra

If you don’t already own one of these by now in 2023, you need to get one on Amazon ASAP, this should be on your must haves list for women! It will save you from embarrassing slips, having your bra exposed from a last minute outfit switch, and it will be your bestie during summer!

Plus, your girls will look perfect in any outfit you have on – it’s a major confidence booster!!

Skin Care Fridge

You can get creative with the use of this fridge, not only can you use it to store your skin care, you could opt to use it to store your snacks and beverages. It’s perfect for small spaces, think college dorms, offices, road trips or your teeny tiny studio apartment!

Ice Roller

Maybe you can’t get a skin care fridge right now, but you still want the added benefits of icing your face. Then go for this super cute ice rollers.

Icing your face has a plethora of benefits some of which include – diminishing under eye puffiness, brighten complexion, tighten and shrink pores, stimulate circulation, and reduce inflammation.


If you’re looking to organise your bathroom space, these stylish canisters are must haves to buy on Amazon. They provide plenty of storage room for bathroom essentials such as cotton swabs, qtips, cotton balls and cotton rounds.

Makeup Organiser

Looking to have a prettier makeup or perfume display? I don’t know about you but I particularly love getting ready in an organised space with my beauty products on display. It saves a lot of time getting dressed in the morning and inspires me to actually use the products.

Makeup Brushes

Every girl needs a good set of makeup brushes without breaking the bank. These super affordable 18pc shocking quality brushes will be all you need to kill those makeup looks – add this to your Amazon must haves for women.

amazon must haves for women

Mink Lashes

This is for all my baddies on a budget, mink lashes are a cheaper alternative to lash extensions. What makes these falsies so special? It’s half the price of typical lash brands but pretty much the same fluffiness and quality.

amazon must haves for women

Silk Robe

This is the perfect robe for getting ready or for those special occasions such as vacation, honeymoon, spa, bridal shower.

If you are looking for a robe that is good quality, get this one on amazon, it’s made from the best quality silks and would make such a unique gift to buy the special women in your life.

I love that there are other designs available to choose from as well.

amazon must haves for women

Silk Pillowcases

Tired of waking up in the morning with a birds nest on your head? Opting for silk pillowcases can help your hair retain moisture. This should be on your Amazon must haves list especially if you are a woman with curly hair or if your hair is prone to split ends and dryness.


One of the most useful things to buy on Amazon is a steamer, they aren’t super pricy and they make your appearance look 10x better. First impressions matter a lot and your outward state says so much about you before you even open your mouth. If you don’t already have one, please do yourself a favour.

Shower Caddy

Another useful thing to buy on Amazon is a shower caddy. Sometimes you just need that extra storage in your shower to display your personal care products without the hassle.

Scalp Massager

A scalp massager comes in handy on your washday, who wouldn’t love the extra TLC. Fun fact: Massaging your hair occasionally can also stimulate more hair growth and help you grow thicker strands.

Skincare Headband

If you’re obsessed with skincare you will probably already have this. This soft girl essential item is great If you want to feel bougie while you apply your 10 step skin care routine or have a face mask on while sipping some champagne. Ladies add this to your product list, it literally costs almost nothing!

Shampoo & Conditioner Set

So many wonderful things in life come in twos; friendship, socks, earrings, sunrise and sunsets, yin and yang and oh shampoo and conditioner sets! I love a bundle deal, especially from a luxury brand like Ouai, grab this one before it’s gone!!

womens personal care products

Vanity Mirror

If I’m being honest makeup is best applied in natural light, but these mirrors are great to apply your makeup at night or in a dimly lit room. They are also great for transforming your room, by adding a touch of elegance and giving it the illusion of more space.

Ring Light

You want to know the secret to bomb selfies?? A Ring light! Take your selfies from average to baddie with this useful Amazon must have. If you think you look ugly in selfies in general and tend to avoid them completely then may want to consider your lighting. This is a game changer!

useful things to buy on amazon

Super Cute Office Supplies

How stinking cute are these?! These would make such a cute unique gift for any teen girl who likes the girly aesthetic or anyone who loves pink!

Work/School Bags

Bags are an absolute must haves for women/teens and no one really thinks to buy them on Amazon. These are a few affordable options for work and school.

The tote bag is a Marc Jacobs dupe, if you are into dupes.

The Black leather bag is so cool, it looks like a regular bag on the outside but it’s actually an insulated lunch bag for storing your lunches and keeping them fresh for a longer period.

The white puffer bag is perfect for anyone who is into the clean girl aesthetic, it goes really well with the work out set mentioned above, it’s such a cute look for the gym in the fall or winter.


Journaling is a great habit to form and this journal is the perfect journal to get you started. Just the 5 minutes a day is enough to check in with yourself and practise some self care. Anyone can have 5 minutes to spare if something is really important to them.

Portable Blender

If your goal is to eat more fruits and veggies or you want to go a detox for weight loss, this portable blender will make that goal much more achievable especially if you are a busy person. You can take it to work, travel or school and it works anywhere without it being plugged in!

That concludes this list of 33+ Amazon must haves for women, stay tuned for more exciting posts like this one and subscribe to the newsletter to get more self care in your inbox!

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