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This fun article features 100 solo date ideas designed to help you master the art of dating yourself.

After this you’re not going to want to settle for less ever again! And who knows you might end up meeting your soul mate on one of these solo dates, though that’s not the point.

The point of these solo date ideas is to get to know yourself, enjoy being alone, build your self esteem and to fall in love with yourself again.

These solo dates aren’t just for the single ladies, prioritising your self care is still important even in a relationship.

I asked some women what the best dates they have ever been on was, and I used those answers for these solo date ideas. These fun solo dates ideas will raise your standards, that is when you get back on the dating scene again. Your days of settling for less are over sis!

Solo Date Meaning

Just like the word implies, solo date means dating yourself alone. Lots of quality time, no distractions, no friends, no social media, just you.

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100 Solo Date Ideas

In this list of 100 solo date ideas, you’ll find exciting dates to go on, cozy solo date ideas at home, there’s also no shortage of cheap solo date ideas to treat yourself without breaking the bank!

1. Explore the latest exhibition at your favourite art gallery.

2. Treat yourself to a delightful afternoon tea experience.

3. Go fo a fun filled adventure at an arcade.

4. Visit an aquarium and marvel at the vibrant marine life and serene underwater landscapes.

5. Plan to go apple picking when autumn season comes around.

6. Let your imagination run wild, and channel your creativity in an art class.

7. Start your day with a lovely breakfast at a special place.

8. If you have a vibrant night life scene, go on a bar crawl and sample different cocktails.

9. Make your inner child happy by gifting yourself a bear from a build-a-bear workshop.

10. Work on perfecting your bowling skills by engaging in a solo game.

11. Spend a day at the beach.

12. Love the smell of books? Visit your favourite bookstore and browse the books.

13. Watch a movie at the cinema.

14. Level up your culinary skills by signing up to any cooking class of your choice.

15. Go to your favourite coffee shop and cozy up with a good book.

solo date ideas

16. Connect with nature on a solo camping trip.

17. Go see your favourite artist live at a concert.

18. Laugh your worries away at a comedy show.

19. Amuse yourself with the dazzling performances at a circus.

20. Shake things up with a cocktail making class, learning the art of mixology and pretty drinks!

21. Embrace the festive spirit by going to see christmas lights displays in your city.

22. Go to a carnival and immerse yourself in the culture.

23. Treat yourself to a luxury 5 star cruise with breathtaking ocean views.

24. Immerse yourself in a captivating dinner theatre performance.

25. Have a DIY spa day. This is one of the best solo dates to try at home!

26. Get your adrenaline rush as you navigate rugged terrain on a dirt bike!

27. Embark on a spontaneous day trip to a nearby city.

28. Who can resist a classic dinner date? One of my all time faves!

29. Put your puzzle solving skills to the test in an escape room.

30. Visit an elephant sanctuary, and marvel at these majestic creatures.

31. Explore your neighbourhood, you never know what hidden gems you may find!

32. Attend the local fun fair in your area.

33. Go to a summer music festival showcasing your favourite artists.

34. Find out what it’s like to go to a live football game.

35. Who said Ferris wheels were just for lovers? You can get the most amazing views of your city!

36. Sick of the same boring routine? Book a spontaneous trip to a different city for a short break.

37. Enjoy the thrill of a go-karting race.

38. Learn how to play golf.

39. Break a sweat with a gym workout session.

40. Try a Mediterranean feast at a Greek restaurant

41. Enjoy the laid-back vibes in a cozy hookah lounge.

42. Go up up up in the sky in a hot air balloon!

43. Treat yourself to a luxurious night at a hotel, go big if you have to it’s only one night!

44. Dance like no one’s watching at your very own home concert.

45. Make your dreams come true by going horse back riding – the little girl inside you will be so thankful! If you don’t fancy horse riding, you can always opt to go to a horse racing competition.

46. How about a fancy helicopter ride date? After this I promise you’ll never lower your standards again.

47. Take a hike.

48. One of the cheap solo date ideas on this list is to simply go out for some ice cream!

49. Ikea is great place to explore if you are looking for fun cheap solo dates to go on!

50. Challenge yourself with indoor rock climbing.

51. Try Iceskating – it might seem intimidating but you never know, might just be your new hobby!

52. Go on an exhilarating Jet ski ride.

53. Treat yourself at your favourite jewellery store.

How To Date Yourself Alone?

54. Reflect and go deep with shadow work journaling – spend some quality time with you!

55. Jazz it up at a live jazz night, savoring the soulful rhythms and vibrant atmosphere.

56. Learn self defense at a Jiu-jitsu class.

57. Try a new Korean bbq restaurant.

58. Unleash your inner Beyoncé during a karaoke session.

59. Enjoy the serenity of nature on a kayak.

60. Channel your inner child through kite-surfing.

61. Looking for another adrenaline-pumping activity? Try kickboxing.

62. Play a game of laser tag, you’ll get put in a group even if you go alone.

63. Visit your local Library.

64. Go to a nice bar or restaurant featuring live music performances.

65. Explore the local market, try new foods, and sample fresh produce.

66. Have a lunch date at a nice place.

67. It’s a romantic cliché but long walks on the beach is a great solo date idea.

68. Binge on movies this weekend! Movies are the best solo dates at home, just don’t forget snacks.

69. Melt away stress and tension with a soothing massage.

70. Start the week on a high note with Margarita Mondays.

71. Find golfing intimidating? Why not try mini golf.

72. Find your zen in a meditation retreat

73. Treat yourself to a much needed mani & pedi.

74. Explore scenic trails on your nature walk and soak in the beauty of the great outdoors.

75. Get over your fear of dancing in public at a vibrant nightclub.

76. Elevate your cultural experience with an evening at the opera.

77. Enjoy the magic of cinema under the stars with an outdoor cinema experience.

78. Paint a self portrait at home and get it framed.

79. 2 things to make a perfect solo date night 1. Pizza 2. Home.

80. Curate a lovely instagrammable picnic for you to delight in.

81. Embrace the spirit of the season with a visit to a pumpkin patch.

82. Plan a photo shoot – the best solo date idea to feel good about yourself!

83. Get your hands dirty and connect with nature by planting flowers or vegetables in your garden.

84. Go on an off-road adventure with quad biking.

85. Embark on a spontaneous road trip and make some unforgettable memories!

86. Get your boogie on and groove at the rollerskating rink!

87. Dine in style with rooftop dining.

88. Go to a rage room to release all that pent-up anger. You’ll be so glad you did!

89. If you’re seeking a thrilling solo date, head to a shooting range.

90. Marvel at the beauty of nature while stargazing.

91. Time to shop till you drop!

92. Conquer your fear of heights with skydiving.

93. Treat yourself to a full day of pampering and relaxation at the spa.

94. Get out of your comfort zone and try a salsa dancing class.

95. Go for a swim – it’s the perfect exercise if you’d rather not deal with sweat.

96. Learn how to snowboard.

97. A sip and paint is not only a great solo date idea but also an excellent way to meet new people.

98. Take on a new adventure by going on a solo trip.

99. Go to a spoken word poetry event.

100. Treat yourself to a delicious Taco Tuesday.

solo date ideas i have tried this year
me having the time of my life and feeling like a kid again 😀

What’s A Good Solo Date? (Bonus Ideas)

Dating yourself isn’t about just about opting to be alone—it’s about enjoying your own company and building a fulfilling relationship with yourself. Here are 20 more ideas on how to date yourself.

101. Consider getting cute feminine tattoos.

102. Spend the day at a theme Park, don’t forget to leave with a souvenir!

103. Enjoy a night of culture and entertainment with a visit to the theater.

104. Go to a trampoline park, feel what it’s like to be a kid again.

105. Hunt for hidden treasures and unique finds at the thrift shops.

106. Expand your palate with a tea tasting experience.

107. Sharpen your tennis skills by engaging in a solo tennis practise.

108. Unwind and relax with good music.

109. Play video games.

110. Savor the flavors of fine wines and scenic views at a vineyard.

111. Create a vision board of what you would like your life to be like.

112. Enhance your skills and knowledge with a workshop on a topic of interest.

113. Have a blast at a water park.

114. Indulge in a sophisticated wine tasting experience to discover new vintages and varietals.

115. Escape the routine with a weekend getaway to a beautiful destination.

116. Get into the holiday spirit by baking and decorating delicious Xmas cookies

117. Plan a luxurious date night on a yacht.

118. Book a rejuvenating yoga session.

119. Go see your favourite animals at the zoo.

120. Go on a thrilling zip line adventure.

Are Solo Dates Healthy?

Yes solo dates are very much healthy! Dating yourself is an act of self love and self care.

I think it’s easy for us to get carried away waiting for our friend or our boyfriend to be in the picture before we can start living our lives. Solo dates give us the permission to live life on our terms, it’s the act of loving yourself and enjoying your solitude.

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Plus, solo dates helps you to become more confident in yourself. It might be intimidating at first, but it does get easier over time.

When I first started dating myself intentionally, I went big and I did something so out of my comfort zone – I went to a concert alone, not just any concert it was a Chris Brown’s concert. My anxiety was through the roof and honestly if I hadn’t paid for it, I would have cancelled because my outfit didn’t even go to plan.

I ended up going to the concert because I decided that if I didn’t go, I would regret it and the point of going really is to have fun! I ended up going and I met 2 lovely ladies while I was there – to say I had a blast was an understatement. It was easily one of the best nights of my life and I felt even more confident because I did it.

How Do You Act On A Solo Date?

You might feel anxious when going out on a solo date for the first time, but you definitely do not want to act like you are. Find something to soothe your anxiety, maybe create an empowering music or repeative positive affirmations in your mind.

Ultimately, you want to remind yourself why you are doing this;

  • Maybe you don’t have loads of friends to go out with.
  • You might want to put yourself out there more, you’re always in the house.
  • Develop your confidence and self love.
  • Maybe even meet more people eventually.

When you feel awkward about going out alone, you need to remember that other people are probably too busy having fun to worry about you and if they are so bothered by you dating yourself, they are most likely insecure.

What has been your experience dating yourself? Let me know in the comments, what solo date ideas you would love to try next?!

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