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38 Best Feminine Hobbies To Activate Your Feminine Energy

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Feeling stuck in a masculine-dominated society? It’s time to tap into your feminine side with some fun feminine hobbies!

The hustle and bustle of life can cause a woman to have too much masculine energy. It is important to take a break to find balance with self care.

This fun feminine hobbies list is here to help you reconnect with yourself and your feminine energy. From painting to yoga, there are plenty of ways for you to nurture the little girl inside you and bring out your feminine side.

This article covers the 37 best feminine hobbies that will help you activate your feminine energy no matter your interests are!

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What Is A Feminine Hobby?

Feminine hobbies are activities done for pleasure or relaxation, that have traditionally been seen as more suitable for women to pursue than men. This can range from traditional feminine hobbies like sewing and knitting, to newer trends such as blogging or creating digital art.

Femininity itself is a personal construct and an ever-evolving concept, which means there’s no single definition of what constitutes to be “feminine”. Some of these activities might be traditionally associated with femininity, while others may simply be hobbies that many women enjoy.

Examples of feminine hobbies include crafting, cooking and baking, journaling, gardening and flower arranging, reading and writing, photography or videography, painting and drawing, nail art, pottery, dancing, and jewelry making.

No matter what your interests are, there’s a feminine hobby out there for you. Whether you’re looking to stay active or just relax with something creative, it can be incredibly rewarding to find hobbies that help to express your femininity in whatever way feels right for you.

It can also be a great way to make friends with other women who share the same interests. Finding hobbies that bring out your inner femininity and provide an outlet for self-expression can be extremely gratifying and enjoyable.

1. Pole dancing

Dance in general is often seen as a passionate and expressive hobby for many women. Its beauty, grace, and rhythm bring out the emotion and vulnerability that women may otherwise struggle to express.

It also serves as a strong form of self-expression and affords the opportunity to discover a deeper sense of self. Dancing in general is one of the best feminine hobbies out there in my opinion!

Pole dancing can help women share their innermost thoughts without the need for words, if you’ve watched Strip Down, Rise up on Netflix you’ll understand what I mean. In a sense, it is like a personal diary – a safe space in which to express one’s feelings, one move at a time.

I recently started Pole dancing because I read about dance can heal the nervous system, due to me being super curious and interested I decided to give this a try as an experiment.

I can attest to how confident and powerful it makes me feel. All the shame I felt about my body, due to religious shaming was finally released and suddenly I felt so free and myself. I feel very safe in my body and have no anxiety since I took ownership of my body on that pole!

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feminine hobbies

2. Horse riding

Not only is horse riding a feminine hobby that could be perfect for summer, it also takes you back to the days of fairytales, princesses and childhood dreams. Whether it’s for recreation or competition, horse riding can provide the perfect escape from everyday life.

This feminine hobby can be enjoyed at any age and level, from beginner rides around your local area to experienced show-jumping competitions. Most horse riding facilities offer group lessons or even special group rides, so you can connect with other like-minded ladies who share your passion for horse riding.

If buying a horse isn’t in the cards for you, why not start by joining a riding club and taking some lessons. You never know what new friends you’ll make or where your feminine hobby will take you!

So if you want to escape reality for a while, grab your helmet, some cute western boots and saddle up!

3. Beauty Pageants

Pageants have traditionally been all about physical beauty, but that’s no longer the case. Nowadays, pageant contestants are judged on more than just their looks – they need to show off their inner beauty too!

This can include displaying your talents and skills with traditionally feminine hobbies like cooking, baking, sewing and painting. Or even speaking on topics that you are most passionate about and your charitable involvement.

Not only does participating in these activities show off your creativity, but it can help young women develop high value skills such as public speaking, etiquette and philanthropy.

feminine hobbies

4. Flower Arrangement

If you love flowers and you love receiving them you will love this one! Flower arrangement is the perfect hobby for any lady looking to add a touch of femininity and beauty to their lives.

You can take a class that offers tips and tricks to create beautiful flower arrangements, with topics including flower care, cutting techniques, vase selection and more.

It can also be a perfect way to combine your work of art with a meaningful purpose.

Whether you gift them to loved ones, donate them to healthcare centers and nursing homes, or transform your living space into a magical garden of vibrant colours, floral arrangements can become creative outlets that bring beauty and joy into your life.

Gather your favourite flowers from lilies to roses and tulips, you’ll be ready to start arranging. Here is a simple guide on flower arrangement to help you get started.

5. Gardening

Gardening is a fun feminine hobby that can help to reduce stress and improve mental wellbeing.

You also get to grow your own organic vegetables and food! How cool is that?! Gardening doesn’t have to be complicated either; even just maintaining a few potted plants or flowers can be a rewarding experience for a beginner.

You could also get this cool gardening starter pack with seed packets as a beginner.

There’s something special about watching your hard work come alive in the form of bright flowers, rainbow coloured vegetables or lush greenery.

If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, want to connect more with Mother Nature, are a plant lover and want to save $$$ on organic groceries this is will be perfect for you.

feminine hobbies

6. Photography

You can get into photography if you want to capture moments. It’s a great way to express yourself and looking at life through a different lens. Photography helps you to appreciate the beauty of imperfection and to pay attention to the small details that make the world around us so awe-inspiring!

You could put on an amazing outfit, get your hair and makeup done, start taking pictures of yourself with a polaroid or your iPhone in your best angles, experiment with different poses as a form of self love. However you choose to take selfies, always remember that it’s all about loving yourself and loving how you look.

Studies show that taking pictures of yourself boosts your confidence and self image.

Plus, this could also be a high income skill that you can use to become a content creator or a professional photographer.

7. Explore new places

Become a tourist in your city! Explore new bars, restaurants, museums, places of interest in your city. Exploring pairs well with feminine hobbies such as photography, journalling and vlogging.

If you’re sick of your area already, maybe try going to a different city or travelling to a different country and document your trip.

Exploring an interesting way to date yourself, learn more about your surroundings, it also gives you the chance to expand your horizons and change your perspective on life.

With an open mind, there are so many possibilities for discovering new cultures, learning different languages, and uncovering hidden gems that would otherwise go unnoticed.

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feminine hobbies

8. Play an instrument

Playing an instrument is a fun feminine hobby that can help you channel your creative feminine energy. Not only do you get to flex your creative muscles, but learning to play a musical instrument helps improve your focus and coordination.

It’s also a great way to bond with friends over music jams or even just by teaching each other how to play. So don’t be afraid to pick up the violin, piano, or a harp and get strumming! You just might find that it helps you relax and express yourself in a way you never thought possible.

With all the practice time spent mastering melodies and scales, your brain will thank you for the challenge.

9. Blogging

I’m sure you must be thinking, isn’t blogging dead? I mean who starts a blog in 2023? Well, I started blogging a little over a year now, it’s such a great way to connect with the rest of the world especially if you love writing.

I got into it because I found a topic I could honestly spend a lifetime writing about, little did I know I could also make money from it.

If you’re looking for a lucrative hobby to replace your 9-5 and you also love to write, then why not start a blog? You have nothing to lose, the start up cost is super low which makes for a very affordable hobby.

All it takes is just a few clicks to get started and start writing about your favourite topics, share tips or tricks with your followers and build relationships in the process.

10. Etiquette

One of the best feminine hobbies out there is learning proper etiquette. After all, nothing says “feminine” like taking delight in knowing the right way to hold a teacup or how to write a thank-you note or how to walk like a lady. As they say, “Etiquette is an expression of femininity at its finest!”

Mastering etiquette can give you an edge when it comes to job interviews, social events, and other important occasions. You’ll be sure to stand out and make a lasting impression.

So, if you’re looking to embrace your femininity and brush up on the rules of etiquette, look no further! You can find plenty of resources online to get you started. You can find my favourite YouTube channel for learning about etiquette here.

11. Cooking

Cooking might be one of the most stereotypical feminine hobbies out there. But the truth is not every woman likes cooking or knows how to, however if this is a skill you would like to learn, I think anyone can learn how to be a good cook.

Cooking is actually one of the best skills you can learn, regardless of gender and especially if you are a foodie like me. It’s an incredibly rewarding activity that anyone can enjoy—after all, who doesn’t love a delicious meal?

You can make cooking fun by joining a cooking class or trying simple recipes, choosing foods you actually enjoy, work on garnishing your food (I personally like to eat food only when it’s aesthetically pleasing) or try techniques of cooking you prefer – bake, grill, boil, toss, steam, fry, blend.

This plant based Chef currently has my heart ❤️ you can find his cookbook on here.

12. Reading

Reading is often thought of as a feminine hobby, and there are plenty of successful women who make reading part of their daily routine. Oprah Winfrey has shared her love for books and claims that reading is an activity she does in her free time.

Reading provides an escape from reality and can be used to help you gain knowledge or simply relax after a long day. Whether it’s a self help book, a romance novel, or a biography, successful women often turn to reading to get the mental break they need.

Reading can also be an enjoyable way of building their knowledge and expanding their horizons, which is why so many successful women make sure to include it in their daily routine.

So, if you’re looking to gain some knowledge, why not try taking up reading and see what it does for you? You may be surprised at how much of an impact this simple hobby can have on your life.

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13. DIY Art & Crafts

DIY & crafts is a great feminine hobby for ambitious women. After all, historically it’s been one of the Victorian-era hobbies for women that empowered them to make money, even in difficult times. It has certainly earned its place on the list of successful women’s hobbies.

If you’ve ever seen the Netflix series ‘Self Made’, you will learn how Madam C.J Walker started her black hair care empire from her home and became the first self made millionaire in America.

There are a plethora of options for DIY – think diy creams, crochet kit , candle making kit, soaps, butter, oils, clothes, shoes, jewellery making, nail gel kit, decor etc

Watch this fun video on how to do Gel X nails like a pro on yourself!

DIY provides a creative outlet and an opportunity to create something beautiful and unique. Just think about all the things you can do!

14. Yoga

Yoga is a great way to align your chakras and unleash your feminine energy. It’s an easy way to work on yourself without spending too much money or taking too much time out of your busy day.

This ancient practice of connecting the physical, mental, and spiritual has been used for thousands of years across many cultures to promote wellbeing.

Not only does yoga offer a wide range of health benefits – from improved flexibility and balance to better sleep and stress reduction – but it can also be an incredibly enjoyable time for self-care and meditation.

Take some time each week to explore and experience yoga’s benefits, and you’ll soon be feeling calmer, more centred, and energised.

Btw, these are the best leggings for yoga that I’ve come across, and I have gone though many so that’s saying a lot!

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15. Pottery

Pottery is an incredibly therapeutic activity. Working with your hands is known to help reduce stress and anxiety levels—so why not use this time to make something pretty?

Pottery can be an expensive hobby to begin with, you might want to consider if this is something you want to do long term and if it’s worth it to you. You might find that the beautiful pieces you create make up for the cost and on the plus side, you could turn this into a business venture.

The possibilities are endless! You can go wild with mugs, plates, figurines and sculptures. You can even get creative with colours or techniques like marbling or stamping for extra flair.

Even if your first few projects aren’t exactly masterpieces, it doesn’t matter! I find that the more irregular and imperfect the pottery is the more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing it looks!

The ancient Japanese art of kintsugi — which repairs broken ceramics with gold — has become a powerful metaphor for healing. Have a look at this Kintsugi article for more inspiration.

16. Painting

Have you ever thought about taking up painting as a feminine hobby? If so, you’re not alone! Painting is an incredibly rewarding feminine activity – there’s nothing quite like seeing a brushstroke turn into something beautiful on canvas.

It’s also therapeutic; when we focus on our art and let our minds wander, it can help reduce stress levels and promote a healthy state of mind. Additionally, it’s easy to start: all you need are some paints (which don’t have to be expensive!), brushes, paper or canvas, and a bit of creativity!

Take the pressure of yourself to create a masterpiece. By not caring about the end result of a creative endeavour, like painting, you can free your mind from the burden of perfection and simply enjoy the process of creating something.

17. Wine tasting

Wine tasting has become increasingly popular among women over the past decade, as one of many elite feminine hobbies.

The simple act of sampling a variety of wines and learning about unique flavour profiles can be a fun, educational and social experience.

For ladies looking to brush up on their knowledge of wine, many wineries and wine bars offer classes, or even private tastings, that allow for an informal and inviting environment to learn.

There are endless options available to choose from, making it easy to customize a wine tasting experience perfect for you. Plus, after a few sips, you can’t help but feel relaxed, classy, and oh-so-sophisticated.

18. Learn a new language

Learning a new language gives you a new appreciation for different cultures and ways of life.

You never know when learning a language like Spanish might come in handy! I personally love the app Duolingo, its super easy to follow and it’s free!

There are many practical applications for expanding your language skills, such as increased job opportunities, making connections, or simply being able to communicate with people in foreign countries.

Learning a new language doesn’t have to be difficult, there are a variety of online tools, apps, and guides that make it easier than ever to pick up a new language.

19. Scrapbooking

Are there special memories you have that you want to hold on to and keep forever?

Scrapbooking is the perfect way to do just that. With some basic supplies and a bit of creativity, you can create an amazing scrapbook full of your favorite photos, quotes, and mementos.

Scrapbooks are more than just pretty books filled with pictures; they are also a great way to express yourself creatively. It also helps you slow down and enjoy the moment as well as capture the memories for years to come.

Just think many years to come, you can pass it down as a heirloom for many generations to come.

This board has loads of amazing scrapbook ideas to help you get started!

20. Collecting

Collecting can be incredibly rewarding feminine hobby. You get to enjoy the satisfaction of scouring for items with personal meaning and developing your own collection based on your interests.

It’s a great way to learn more about your favorite items, too. As you explore their history and value, you can become an expert on the subject. Whether it’s designer bags, books, vinyl, dolls, ceramics, art, or seashells, collecting can be a fun and fulfilling experience.

With a little patience, you’ll also benefit from the potential financial rewards that come from investing in collectibles. Over time, your collection can become more valuable as it grows.

Find out the 11 collections you can sell for money.

Also these 19 luxury handbags have the highest resale value.

21. Journaling

Journaling is an incredible way to keep track of your journey, document your successes and failures, identify patterns in behaviour and find the courage to make positive changes.

So if you’re looking for a simple but effective tool to boost your mental health, why not give journaling a try? I know it’s helped me in so many ways! You can start out with 5 minute journaling book.

I like to journal when, I’m sad, happy, excited, it really doesn’t matter what mood I’m in. It provides a safe space for me to reflect on my thoughts and feelings.

Journaling is the best way to maintain self awareness and to develop a better relationship with yourself.

I have discovered that journaling allows me to be more mindful of my emotions, enabling me to better understand why I’m feeling the way I do. And by getting these feelings out onto paper, it’s easier for me to let go of them and move on with my day.

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22. Meditation

Meditation has been around for thousands of years, but it’s only recently that science has revealed the many benefits of this practice.

Research shows that meditation can reduce stress, improve concentration and focus, boost emotional wellbeing, and even increase self-awareness.

But it’s not always easy to start meditating. Many people find themselves getting frustrated or overwhelmed by the process, and not seeing any results.

The key to successful meditation is to make it part of your daily routine. Start with just a few minutes each day, and gradually increase the amount of time you spend meditating.

23. Spoken word & Poetry

Spoken word and writing poetry are two wonderfully feminine hobbies that can bring joy and fulfillment to any woman’s life.

They offer a creative outlet for self-expression, a way to explore your emotions, and to allow yourself be seen and heard in a unique way.

Whether it’s for an audience of one or many, spoken word and writing poetry can provide an opportunity to explore the deeper parts of yourself, that would normally stay hidden. Spoken word or poetry can even be used as a form of therapy for emotional healing.

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24. Martial arts

Martial arts can be a great way for women to break free from stereotypical feminine hobbies and activities, and explore something new. It’s a great way to get active and stay in shape, as well as to learn self defence and build your confidence.

Protecting yourself as a woman is super important, and martial arts can help with that. It’s an activity that builds strength, flexibility, endurance and teaches self-discipline. Practicing martial arts can be an empowering and liberating experience for women.

There are many different variations of martial arts to choose from, so there’s something for everyone. Whether you choose karate, judo, kickboxing, tai chi, taekwondo, kung fu or aikido, you’ll be sure to have a great time.

25. Ice skating

Ice skating isn’t just a sport – it’s an art form! Skating combines both physicality and grace into one graceful package, allowing women who practice it to experience their own unique feminine energy.

Being an avid skater requires a blend of physical athleticism and mental preparedness. With dedication and practice, skaters develop skills like coordination, balance, and agility. It’s the perfect way to get in shape and have fun at the same time

Whether it’s a slow waltz around the rink or an aggressive skate session, learning spins and jumps as a figure skater, or gliding in graceful circles as a recreational skater, ice skating is one of the most unique, fun, and feminine hobbies around.

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26. Philantropy 

Philanthropy is one of the best feminine hobbies out there and what better way to give back than by volunteering your time and money?

Charitable acts can come in many forms, from donating clothes or money to charities, participating in charity runs or even setting up a fundraising event.

Giving is a practise that always puts you in an abundant state of receiving even more blessings. It’s an incredibly rewarding experience that you’ll be sure to benefit from, both mentally and emotionally. You won’t regret it!

Not only will you be helping those in need, but you’ll also feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that your hard work is making a difference. Think of the lives you’ll transform and how much all your efforts are making the world a better place.

27. Gaming

Sure, not many people think ‘stereotypical feminine hobbies’ when they hear the word “gaming”—but gaming can be a great hobby for any girl who wants to have fun and express their femininity in without being confined to gender norms.

Gaming has a huge community and can be a perfect activity for anyone looking to meet other girl gamers and build a connect with people who share similar interests as you.

Here are some girl gamer communities that you can join now.

Whether you’re into VR gaming, video games, board games or cards there’s something for you if you’re a girl gamer – so don’t be afraid to dive in and have some fun!

28. DJing

You should consider DJing if you are like putting together playlists for fun, you have a ton of playlists for every mood and occasion and your friends always compliment your music taste.

With the right tools, anyone can become a DJ, you can can get started with a DJ controller, a laptop, DJ headphones, sound speakers and cables

You don’t need to have any musical background or experience. All you need are some social skills and knowledge of mixing techniques. It’s a great way to bring people together and create an amazing atmosphere.

With DJing, you never know what surprises and work opportunities may come your way! So go ahead and give it a try – who knows where it might lead you. You’ll be able to impress your friends and family as well as make some extra money on the side.

Check out these 15 Tips For Beginner Women DJs.

29. Drawing

Drawing used to be one of my favourite past time as a kid and still is. It can really bring out your inner child and unleash your creativity. It’s a fun way to express yourself, and can even provide a sense of relaxation from the daily hustle.

A really cool thing to do is to start an art journal where you draw one thing a day that you did or found interesting. It’s a cool way to visually document your daily life. You can even make it a feminine hobby by drawing beautiful things like flowers, fashion designs or cute animals.

It’s also really rewarding when you look back at your work and appreciate how far you have come since you started.

30. Makeup

Makeup is a fun and feminine hobby for many women. Whether you’re going for a simple everyday look, or something more dramatic for a night out on the town, makeup can help you express yourself and feel your best.

There are so many different looks that you can create with just one makeup palette – from smoky eyes to soft glam – the possibilities are endless! With a little practice and patience, you can master any look.

For those just starting out with makeup, there are plenty Youtube videos available to help you learn the basics.

Or for my lazy girlies who are looking for something quick and easy you can try this simple eye makeup ideas that require minimal effort.

31. Shopping

As Bo Derek puts it perfectly whoever said that money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping. Shopping is one of the most enjoyable and fun feminine hobbies that can be enjoyed.

Whether you’re looking for a trendy new outfit, wanting to add some statement accessories to your wardrobe, or you’re just feeling the need for a bit of retail therapy, shopping is an enjoyable way to treat yourself.

You can go shopping without breaking the bank, just consider thrift shopping too. You can find amazing deals and discounts, allowing you to get more with your money while still getting the wardrobe upgrade you deserve. Shopping is an activity that every woman should enjoy from time to time!

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32. Singing

Singing is a great way to use your voice and have fun. You can bond with your friends over karaoke nights, joining a choir, or an an amateur musical night. There are plenty of ways to make singing one of your favourite feminine hobbies.

It’s also great for your mental and physical health. Studies have shown that it can reduce anxiety levels and boost endorphin production in the body. Singing also increases blood flow throughout your body, making it a great exercise as well.

And who knows, you might just discover a hidden talent for singing!

33. Film making 

Filmmaking provides an opportunity for women to tell stories in a way that’s impactful, engaging, and meaningful. It opens up endless possibilities for creativity, a chance to collaborate with others, allowing you to channel your ideas into something tangible.

Working with a team to bring an idea to life is one of the most rewarding parts of filmmaking and offers many possibilities for growth. Film making gear can be expensive but this video proves that you can start with $0

If you’re looking to share your story with the world, filmmaking is a great way to get creative and express yourself. From documentaries about strong female protagonists to feature films exploring gender norms, feminine hobbies like filmmaking offer a platform for creativity and self-expression.

feminine hobbies

34. Workout

Gym workouts are not just for bodybuilders and athletes. It is a great way to stay healthy and fit, as well as to enhance your feminine physique.

Adding variety to your gym workout can make it even more enjoyable and effective. Consider trying out different types of exercises to target specific muscle groups. Cycling, pilates, barre classes, and weight lifting are excellent for developing strength and flexibility.

Whenever I need some extra motivation to go to the gym, I always make sure to get me some cute matching gym sets, that always does the trick! I love how my booty looks in their leggings especially…life changing ?!

Finally, don’t forget to listen to your body. If you’re feeling tired or sore, take a break and give yourself time to rest. A healthy gym workout should always be safe and enjoyable for you. With consistent effort and consistency, you will see amazing results in no time!

35. Listening to feminine podcasts/music

Listening to feminine podcasts is a great way to stay in your feminine energy while being connected with the world around you. It can also be a great way to develop your mind and cultivate self-care practices like relaxation and mindfulness.

Podcasts allow you to do more than just listen – they can provide inspiration and ideas for everything from career advice, cleaning, fashion, beauty secrets, dating, manifestation etc. You can listen to the Girl You Are Magic Podcast here.

Listening to these podcasts can help you explore your feminine side while giving yourself the opportunity to learn something new. So if you’re looking for a way to connect with other women or just broaden your horizons, give feminine podcasts a listen!

36. Feng shui decorating

For those with a knack for home improvements and interior decor, Feng shui can be an ideal choice. It is based on ancient Chinese principles which seek to harmonize the energies of a living space for its inhabitants.

By carefully arranging furniture, lighting, mirrors, plants, and symbols, and other decorative elements in a room according to these principles, a homebody can create a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and energy-wise.

Feng shui decorating helps to create a peaceful atmosphere, balance out any negative energies, and ensure that good luck and prosperity remain strong in the home. Learn to use Feng shui in your home here.

37. Acting 

Acting is a great hobby for women, providing an opportunity to explore storytelling and performance in a variety of mediums. From theatre to television, film to radio, plays to musicals, acting gives you the chance to express yourself creatively and bring characters and stories to life.

It also can help build confidence and public speaking skills, giving you an edge in social situations and even the workplace. it’s an excellent way to meet new people and make lasting connections with like-minded individuals.

You could try attending improv acting classes, performing at small venues, or auditioning for larger roles, there are plenty of ways to get started in the world of acting.

most feminine hobbies

38. Ballet

Ballet, is an art form that is deeply intertwined with grace, elegance, and expressive movement.

Ballet is one of the traditional feminine hobbies that celebrates female dancers, spotlighting their poise and strength through intricate choreography and ethereal performances.

The delicate tutus, pointe shoes, and the portrayal of ethereal dancers reinforce its association with femininity.

This cultural backdrop has cultivated a perception of ballet as a domain where the aesthetics of beauty, discipline, and refinement converge, embodying traditional feminine ideals.

With these 37 feminine hobbies, you can find balance in your life and take a break from the hustle culture. Take the time to explore new opportunities or revisit old passions! You may even surprise yourself or discover a new hidden talent in yourself. Have fun!

Favour Xo.

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  1. Bebe says:

    Wonderful list ❤︎ – but you forgot ballet : )

  2. H D says:

    a woman’s hobby can be anything she wants it to be such as skydiving or scuba diving or parasailing or playing basketball or being a scientist

    • Favour Ebede says:

      yes absolutely, a woman can be anything she wants, these are just hobbies for women looking to try something new!

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