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Do you suspect that you might have blocked feminine energy? If you are wondering how to unblock your feminine energy, this article will give you 12 signs that you have blocked feminine energy and how you can unblock your feminine energy.

What is blocked feminine energy?

Blocked feminine energy will usually mean that you have an overactive masculine energy. Each person, whether male or female has both masculine and feminine energy present, with one being more dominant than the other naturally.

As with all things in life there needs to be a balance. The balance of yin and yang, the masculine and feminine together in perfect harmony.

A blocked feminine energy suggests a wounded feminine energy and a wounded masculine. To give you more insight, here are the traits of a wounded feminine vs the divine feminine energy.

Traits of feminine and masculine energy

traits of divine feminine and masculine energy as well as the traits of the wounded feminine and masculine energy.

What causes blocked feminine energy?

The cause of a blocked feminine energy will likely stem from trauma pertaining to the inability to feel safe in the masculine presence. This trauma may also the reason you may feel unsafe to be in your feminine.

12 Signs of blocked feminine energy

When you have blocked feminine energy, you tend to operate in the masculine.

1. You are always tired.

Your self worth is tied to being productive or people pleasing. Even when you do try to rest, you find it difficult to rest. I wrote an article about why you feel guilty relaxing, it goes over effective tips to combat work guilt anxiety and how to go about setting intentional rest. Here’s another article on setting boundaries with yourself and others.

2. You are forcing things to work

Blocked feminine energy or wounded feminine energy is controlling or manipulative. You may notice this need to control things in areas of your life like at work, with people you just met, family members, it could be your business. Things just aren’t flowing.

3. Your shoulders feel tense

Since you spend most time in your masculine, overworking, overdoing, your shoulders begin to feel tense. In fact, depending on how aware you are of your body. You might describe your body feeling tight, rigid and compressed. This is because you carry tension in the body.

4. You live in your head a lot

You know you are in your masculine when you begin to over-rely on logic reasoning and overplanning over trusting your intuition. There is nothing wrong with logic reasoning except when done to the extreme. Indecision and overthinking is often a sign of not trusting your self and your intuition.

5. You feel out of alignment

You feel as though there’s something missing in your life. Perhaps, you are not happy with your current situation. In other words, who you really want to be or what you really want to be doing is not matching up with your current reality.

6. You block yourself from receiving

You don’t receive gifts from people. When a friend pays you a compliment about your dress, you shrug it off as “Oh this old thing, I look better on other days”. You don’t let guys pay on the first date because you want to play into the miss independent trope. You don’t allow the nice stranger help you with your grocery bags. When you are used to being self reliant, it can be struggle to allow people people to help you. Let them.

7. Your chakras are blocked

Your solar plexus is the energy centre in the body that is responsible for confidence and self esteem. The sacral chakra is responsible for creativity and pleasure. While an open throat chakra will have you expressing yourself, speaking your personal truth and saying the word No like no mans business. If you can’t relate to any of this chances are your chakras are blocked.

how do you unblock feminine energy

8. Lack of feminine self care and rest

You spread yourself too thin that there’s usually no time for rest. You want to be everything for everybody that your needs will often come last to the point of self neglect. Your daily mantra is my needs are invalid and others come first, putting my needs first is selfish. This mantra only perpetuates a feeling of low self worth.

9. You get angry and irritable often

Without adequate rest you might lash out at others, lose your sense of humour and maybe even wave the middle finger to the lady beside you who was driving so slow. You might get caught in screaming matches and drama more often than preferred. It happens even to the best of us.

10. Feeling disconnected from self and intuition

This may have feelings of loneliness. Burying yourself in work and having no time to sit still and feel those emotions can cause us to feel disconnected not just from ourselves but from others too. You can only connect with others as deeply as you have met with yourself.

11. Lack a sense of direction or purpose

It’s difficult to determine what path to take when there’s a disconnect from our self and intuition. If we don’t have a strong sense of self, we can’t possibly know who we are at our core and what we like doing. Self awareness is the key to building a stronger self identity.

12. You are always confused

This might look like being incredibly indecisive. Always second guessing and gaslighting yourself. Not knowing for sure what you really want or how you feel. And so, you look to others for answers, validation and acceptance.

How do I reconnect with my feminine energy?

Apply these 13 tips to unblock your blocked feminine energy

  1. To unblock feminine energy here are a couple things you can start doing.
  2. Connect with your body, through dance, meditation, exercise or yoga
  3. Engage in restorative rest. Maintain a balance between work and play. I go in depth about the 7 types of rest here
  4. Write your thoughts down. Build a deeper relationship with yourself and your inner child through journaling. You can find 50 Journal prompts to kickstart your healing journey in this article.
  5. Listen and trust your intuition. Start with the small things.
  6. Listen to your body – Always check in to know how your body feels. The body always sends signals when your diet is bad, if you are in need of a break, how you currently feel or when someone is bad vibes.
  7. Be open to receive from others – compliments, gifts, money.
  8. Tailor your appearance to give you a soft and feminine look.
  9. Make self care a priority
  10. Set firm Boundaries with yourself and others. Start using your voice.
  11. Channel your inner creative. What is it that you have always wanted to create but haven’t gone around to doing it yet?
  12. Smile . It makes you more attractive and magnetic, bonus points for uplifting your mood too.
  13. Start therapy to heal your trauma

What tips would you use to reconnect with your femininity? Is femininity something that comes natural for you? What would you like to work on personally? Let me know in the comments!

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