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Here are some self love journal prompts to feel worthy of everything that you desire.

Loving yourself is a constant work in progress. It’s a daily practice. When you love yourself you become dedicated to loving yourself every day and in all aspects of your life.

You become your own biggest fan. You don’t have to wear clothes you don’t like or find uncomfortable. You don’t buy things because it’s trendy or even feel the need to impress people. 

You no longer participate in situations that hurt you just to please others. You are able to set boundaries, having no shame in standing up for yourself. Plus you start to look better, feel better and in return attract better into your life.

You have to feel worthy of love to accept pure love

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation”


The people you have your life mirror the level of self love you have for yourself 

I used to feel unworthy, so much so that when I was in a situation that I had to choose between others and myself. I would choose them. It took me years to finally let go of people or situations who weren’t good for me.

Now I find myself listening to me a lot more. It doesn’t take weeks, months and years to decide if someone or something is good for you or not.

Struggling with not feeling worthy meant that I would let people get away with treating me poorly. I’m happy that the woman I am today is someone that is asking for a whole lot more than just respect because she knows her worth. 

Signs you don’t love yourself

  1. Not making time for yourself so you experience burnout
  2. Demanding of other people to meet your needs instead
  3. Suppressing your emotions which eventually comes out in the form of anger, bitterness or envy
  4. Not pushing or challenging yourself
  5. Holding on to unfulfilling and toxic relationships
  6. A belief that you have to be perfect at everything
  7. Abandon projects they start especially when it gets hard
  8. Not celebrating yourself when you have small wins or big wins
  9. Not taking pride in your appearance

You can check out more signs of self hate for further reading.

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self love journal prompts
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Self Love Journal Prompts

What makes you feel your best ?

Do you genuinely feel worthy of your deepest desires? Write down your thoughts

In what ways do you currently show that you care for yourself 

Which areas in your life do you tend to self neglect? What triggers you to neglect your self care?

How do you deal with your negative emotions? Write down some healthy ways of coping preferably things that boost your energy

What need do you deprive yourself of the most? How can you take baby steps towards fulfilling your needs?

Self Love Journal Prompts For Your Inner Child

What message did you receive about getting your needs met as a child?

Write a letter to your inner child.

Write down validating statements for any emotions you have felt in the past.

Write down the ways you look for validation in others vs how you can start validating yourself. 

In what ways would you be open to re-parenting your self ?

What in your childhood or past has made you feel unworthy and invalidated?

If you have been self sacrificial, codependent or a people pleaser, how has this impacted your self esteem and your relationships.

What boundaries are you willing to set with others moving foward?

What are your personal emotional triggers 

self love journal prompts
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Self love Journal Prompts For Your Future Self

What negative (false) stories did you get about yourself and how do you subconsciously make these stories true?

Write down your truths about your self identity and give examples. 

What does your ideal life look like? 

What does genuine happiness mean to you?

Envison the best version of yourself – what habits will align you with her ?

What action do you you need to take everyday that increases your energy and makes you feel alive?

Write down your negative self beliefs and turn them to positive affirmations.

What compliments would you give yourself today?

How can you stand up for yourself in the future?

What do you do best with the least amount of effort?

What keeps me motivated to keep going?

Write an empowering letter to your future self.

What would you do if you weren’t scared? What baby steps can you take?

What are your favourite things to do alone?

self love journal prompts
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Self Love Journal Prompts For Self Acceptance

What are the parts of myself that I can’t change but I can learn to love?

How can I reframe my childhood experiences in a positive light?

What experiences am I grateful for ?

List the things you would do if rejection was not an option.

What am I willing to not accept? Whats the hardest part about acceptance?

What would you say to your younger self with everything you know now?

How can you come to terms with what happened in the past?

Why do you feel you need to?

How will my life change once I start accepting myself?

What areas of your life do you feel like you are constantly trying to prove yourself?

How can you give yourself the approval and validation you seek from others?

Write down the things that you are doing your absolute best at?

How can you show yourself some appreciation today? Thank yourself for existing

What would I do today if I accepted myself?

How would someone that is accepting of you treat you?

What have you been beating yourself up for? What would a friend say instead?

Self Love Journal Prompts For Self Esteem

Write a list of the things you want to do before next year.

When was the last time I did something outside my comfort zone?

What made me feel good this week. How can I do more of that everyday?

What do other people say that you are good that?

Which of my abilities is most likely to make me famous?

What do I like most about my appearance?

What makes me unique?

Write down 3 reasons why you feel deserving of love and respect.

What are the 5 things (small or big) I did right today ?

Make a plan for your personal goals you need to accomplish by next year.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest) what in my life boosts my esteem?

What are my personal values?

What do I do now that aligns me with my values?

What are the three things I love about myself?

If I do the opposite of what I value, why do I think I am self-sabotaging?

What do I want out of life?

List the 3 simplest things I can start doing everyday that will change my life.

What did I do this week that moved me closer to reaching my goals

Which fear do I need to overcome, what will overcoming that fear do for you?

If I could be an expert in anything what would it be?

self love journal prompts
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Self Love Journal Prompts

I hope that these 65 self love journal prompts help you the way that they have helped me.

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Favour Xo

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