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Self acceptance is the key to manifesting.

Why? Because manifestation responds to your vibration and you can not manifest your dream life if you are currently dissatisfied with it. It may sound counterintuitive, but dissatisfaction with life would mean that you are in resistance and not in the flow.

Self acceptance is allowing the little girl inside you a.k.a. your inner child, to be seen, heard, validated and loved unconditionally.

Self acceptance raises your vibration

Happiness exists in the present moment, when the future doesn’t exist and you are not tied to the stories of the past. That very moment when you are deeply connected to self and are living in your truth is where true happiness lives.

Self acceptance is just being, and saying to yourself that who you are right now in the present is enough – bored, alone, tired, a girl with only 5 items in her wardrobe, whatever the case may be, you are enough.

Happiness is being content with your life the way it is, becoming acquainted with self acceptance and rejecting the need to always have results, to improve and modify everything.

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Dear woman,
Your worth does not come from over-working, over-giving and being self-sacrificial. Your worth comes by just being.

Self acceptance makes you feel worthy

Self acceptance makes you treat yourself as someone who is worthy and also lets you accept goodness when it comes your way. Because if you inherently know that you are worthy of goodness, you are less likely to sabotage your blessings.

By practising self care (not just the superficial kind) and really treating yourself like somebody you love will increase your self worth. Have you ever wondered why it’s so easy to treat others with so much kindness and compassion, yet we often neglect the person that is in dire need of our own validation – ourselves.

This will usually mean actually listening to yourself, making sure that your needs are being met, keeping your word to yourself, saying nice things to the little girl inside you and getting her some flowers.

The one you have been searching for is you.

Acceptance is the secret sauce to not feeling rejected

No one can abandon you if you don’t abandon yourself first. I did a post on rejection here and in that article I uncovered why rejection can be so hard to deal with, that it can sometimes feel like physical pain in your body.

You abandon yourself by brushing your values and beliefs to the side to please the other person. So in a sense you lose your sense of self in someone and your self esteem is predicated on their acceptance or rejection of you. This is rejection and abandonment of self, your inner child.

I would rather choose myself than to lose myself.

Self-acceptance in its entirety takes the power from the people you want validation from, and it gives you back the power. It makes you feel empowered knowing that you have got your back even though no one else does.

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Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Favour, Xo

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Tired of feeling stuck & clueless on how to tap into your feminine power? This ebook shows you exactly how.

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