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I once had the belief that I would manifest my dream life once I have everything I ever asked for. Now I understand that I have to change for me to manifest my dream life.

What is stopping you from living the life of your dreams? Most will admit that it’s the lack of money or some reason that is tied to money.

The thought of someone being depressed while having everything they want used to be unfathomable to me. What appears to be someone who has a successful career, amazing friends and family, was on the inside, deeply unhappy.

Now I completely get it. Although, it appears that the external changed, they are still very much the same person on the inside, none of that changed.

As cliché as it sounds money doesn’t buy happiness.

Manifesting the money that you think will help you live your dream life won’t change how you feel about yourself.

So, if it’s not the money stopping you from living your dream life, what is it you ask?

It’s your beliefs about yourself.

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Stop chasing your dreams

The Backwards Law originally proposed by Alan Watts, claims that the more we chase something, the more we achieve the opposite of that which we want, leaving us more disapointed. This applies to everything. Relationships. Getting a text back. Success. Especially money.

I refuse to believe that in order to get what I want I have to chase. I AM energetically aligned with it. You don’t have to chase anything to get what you already have. You don’t have to chase Dreams. Money. Friendships. Love or even a text back.

favour ebede

What we chase repels us.

To manifest the life that you dream of, you have to be in alignment with the thing that you want.

To attract money you must have an abundance mindset, which will inspire you to be grateful and to give unto others.

For you to manifest love you have to embody self love in all sense of the word. Self love will have people drawn to you like cat to litter because your confidence is magnetic.

Also, your goals and dreams will require you to see yourself as the type of person who does A B C.

Law of Assumption

Neville Goddard came up with the Law of Assumption, which suggests that what we assume with our thoughts, emotions and beliefs is what we will experience.

Assume you already have that thing. The thing you want already exists. If you can think it you can definitely create it. Think about the inventions humans have created. It all started with a thought.

The thoughts you have of your dream life are not by accident, it’s because you are meant to experience it, it came from your own consciousness.

Your external reality begins to shift when your inner world changes.

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Here’s how to manifest your dreams into reality

Take the leap of faith

Like most people, I worked at a job that was unfulfilling and emotionally draining. Undoubtedly, I knew I wanted something bigger for myself but my beliefs kept me in a familiar place that I had outgrown. I kept thinking about the bills I had to pay, and the impending doom of having no money left in my bank account.

It suddenly hit me that who I was in my current reality wasn’t aligning with who I wanted to be. I decided to quit sabotaging myself, put some crazy faith in God and myself.

Eventually, my beliefs shifted from “I have to work hard at a job I don’t like to make money” to “I am more than capable of manifesting my goals and dreams with the tools I already have”.

Don’t worry about the naysayers who speak fear and doubt at your prospect of starting a successful business over getting a job and just go for it already!

Leave your Comfort Zone

Why do we choose partners, jobs, friends that are familiar? Because people like comfort. That’s why men always come back. That’s why we end up dating the same person in a different body. It is the same reason we opt for the same pizza each time we order at our favourite pizza place.

If you want to manifest your dream life you have to start putting in action to make your goals and dreams a reality, you need to be willing to do really uncomfortable things.

Change YOUR exposure from the familiar to something unfamiliar that fits with the person you want to become.

I can give you a few ideas.

Moving to a different country or state if you think that will help you achieve your dreams or you’d rather move to a different city where the vibe is better and the people are happier.

Applying for the job of your dreams even though you have 0 experience in it.

Dating someone who isn’t your usual type.

Investing in your looks and trying on a different outfit that makes you feel elevated and dare I say expensive.

Leaving your house more to go on random walks.

Going to the event near you for whatever you are passionate about or interested in.

Surrounding yourself with people who intimidate you and challenge you at the same time to be the baddest version of yourself.

Listen to music you never thought to listen to.

I am open to experiences and meeting people that are unfamiliar to me. If it’s too familiar to my past I don’t want it.

Favour Ebede

Deal with your uglies

As you start to do things that are outside of your comfort zone, your subconscious will try to ‘protect’ you. It will replay stories about you not being good enough, no one in your family has never made it that far, it’s hard and nobody likes you. This notion of the protective self was explored in depth in the book Whole Again by Jackson McKenzie.

It’s crazy that even in a good situation, the subconscious mind can actively look for signs of perceived threat. 

We tend to look for things that validate how we are feeling on the inside otherwise we don’t pay attention to it. 

You can choose to focus on the fact that people like you and are willing to give to you or the one person that hates your guts. You can choose to focus on the guy that brings you flowers as a validation of the love you already have for yourself or you can choose to focus on the guy that doesn’t call when he says he will as a validation that you are unworthy.

Maybe it’s easier having someone else be the bad guy in your story because it distracts you from changing the way you think, from accepting that you have work to do and are far from perfect.

What stories are you telling yourself? What stories come up for you when you try to do something out of your comfort zone?

It takes courage to live the life that is on your vision board, but it will be worth it in the end when you finally meet with the best version of yourself.

Favour Xo

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  1. Bobbie says:

    Such great tips I’m definitely going to try to apply these. Thank you so much

  2. Amazing post… Indeed, someone told me that The Law of Attraction does not give us full and total control of our life…

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