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These simple self care Sunday ideas will leave you feeling rejuvenated for the following week. It will have you being and feeling your best all week.

Ever wonder why you are always tired? You go to bed for the full 8 hours yet you wake up feeling super slumped. That is what burnout will do to you. Sometimes we just need to recharge our batteries and put a pause to the overthinking, procrastinating and excessive workload we have on our plate.

It is important to pay attention to your mind body soul connection because they are the ones running the show

The mind, where your thoughts comes from affects the way your body feels and we call this e-motions (energy in motion) which has an impact on your physical wellbeing. This connection between the mind and body is responsible for feeling either disconnected or connected to your soul (your inner being).

So, if you have been feeling disconnected from self, you are in desperate need of a Self Care Sunday to reset the mind body and soul.

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self care sunday

What is A Self Care Sunday?

I call it a self care Sunday because I dedicate Sunday to having me time. You can have a self care Sunday any day of the week and it’s alright if for whatever reason you can’t possibly have a full day to yourself.

I understand the guilt that can come with wanting to put yourself first. I wrote about it here along with the 7 types of rest you actually need.

Why Self Care Is Not Selfish

Yes, you might think that thinking about yourself is selfish or that taking care of your own needs is selfish. But, I am here to challenge the notion that says that I need to please others and continue to give of myself, while expecting little to nothing in return. The thing with people pleasing others is we do it even when you don’t feel like it and then get resentful and bitter because no one is giving that back to us..

So, no it’s not selfish to want to get our needs met. It’s selfish to expect others to be responsible for getting your needs met.

“I am here to challenge the notion that says that I need to please others and continue to give of myself, while expecting little to nothing in return

Favour ebede

Is Wrong To Put Yourself First?

If you don’t put yourself first, you will feel used and drained. It goes back to what I said in the beginning of this article. If you find yourself always tired for doing nothing, then it’s time to rethink putting yourself last. If you put yourself first, you can be a better friend, mom, and show up as your best for others. So don’t feel bad for wanting to put yourself and your needs first.

Why Is Self Care So Hard?

It’s completely normal to struggle with self care if you’ve had an abusive childhood. In abusive homes, the paradigm is your needs do not matter, other people’s needs are more important than yours. This is where codependency forms and so, in your adulthood you are taking care of everyone around you except yourself, perpetuating the cycle of self neglect.

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Self Care Sunday Ideas To Reset The Mind Body & Soul

how to reset your mind

How to reset your mind

1. Do a digital detox

Limit your screen time by shutting off electronic devices so you can connect to yourself. Usually, we use these distractions to get away from ourselves, our thoughts and feelings. Limiting your screen time will also give your brain a break from processing and absorbing information.

2. What’s in your environment

A messy environment makes a busy mind. You are better off decluttering our home. Get rid of stuff that have become uninspiring and don’t bring you any joy. Next, you would want to tidy up your environment and make a home for everything.

3. Do nothing

Allow yourself to be bored. Give your busy mind a break by doing absolutely nothing. It is in boredom that we can often be the most creative, have epiphanies, realisations and ideas on what to do next.

4. Ground Yourself

If you can’t seem to turn off the chatter in your head, try grounding yourself. Some grounding techniques that could be beneficial to anyone feeling disconnected, particularly anyone suffering from anxiety include practising mindfulness, breath-work, yoga and meditation. You can find more grounding techniques here

how to reset your body

How to reset your body

5. Have a good soak

Soak in some essential oils and bath salts. Invest in a luxurious experience by paying a little extra for your body lotion and body wash. My personal favourite set at the moment is the Santuary Spa Signature Collection. It’s a great way to bring the spa to you, I love how the fragrance sticks to your skin after use. I got the luxury bubble bath float from here.

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6. Grooming

Don’t neglect your skin care, hair, nails, teeth. Grooming used to be an afterthought and something that felt tiresome especially when it came to shaving. I have sensitive skin and so far I have been loving this 2 in 1 Gel Cleanser + Shave gel from Venus as well as their Deluxe Smooth Sensitive Razor.

If you have sensitive skin you know the struggle, I don’t get razor burn or bumps using this and I can use it on pubic hair too. My shave routine is also quicker than ever because the blades glide so smoothly against my skin.

7. Prepare nourishing meals

It is a lot easier to eat healthy when you plan to eat healthy. Life can get really busy and stressful, and you want to have healthy foods readily available to you. It will curb your hunger and reduce stress levels.

If you are prone to stress eat or binge eat, you are better off planning meals with lots of protein, healthy fats and good carbs to balance your moods during your week. I personally love to do my grocery shopping on Sundays because the foods are newly restocked and at their peak!

how to connect to your soul

How to connect to your soul

8. Let go of the past

You want to start the new week on a clean slate. Clear out the bad vides and bad juju with some aromatherapy, speak to a therapist, write down your feelings. The goal is to start the new week lighter and not heavily burdened with issues from the past.

9. Time to reflect

This is the perfect time to reflect on how your week went. Are you happy with the current choices that you are making? If not what can you do differently? How can you reach goals with ease? How can you make time to do what makes your soul happy?

10. Connect to a higher power

It doesn’t matter what you believe in. Connecting to a source bigger than you will help take the load off you. You are going to need some help in manifesting the life of your dreams. Stop trying to do it on your own. Let go and take your issues to a higher power. You will feel much better and lighter.

11. Do something for you

Be selfish and don’t feel guilty about it. We need to destigmatise the word ‘selfish’. Do something for your self care sunday that makes you the happiest. What is something you have been putting off lately? What part of you is dying to be let out? Aside from work obviously, what would you rather be doing on your day off? Go do that.

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Hope you have a great self care Sunday with the ideas I have given.

Let me know what ways you personally like to take care of yourself.

Favour, Xo

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