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Are You A Woman With Too Much Masculine Energy?

Are you a woman with too much masculine energy?

Growing up, I struggled with my femininity, I prided myself in being somewhat of a Tomboy. I remember even thinking to myself “I wish I were a boy” “Boys have it so much easier” “I get along with boys better”.

I was surrounded by men for a huge portion of my life and didn’t have feminine influences. As my body began to show more curves, I opted for more clothes – none of which suggested a feminine presence but would instead, hide them.

Unfamiliar with what it meant to be a woman, I began living life through more of a masculine lens where achievements took precedence over pleasure and eyeliner application.

My twenties ushered in a newfound awareness that achieving inner balance between feminine & masculine energies could lead me on an incredible journey towards womanhood; this is when my repressed feminine identity came alive!

This article covers the signs of a woman with too much masculine energy, what makes a woman have masculine energy and how to be less masculine as a woman.

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Signs of Too Much Masculine Energy

Masculine and feminine energy isn’t just a buzzword for yogis and energy healers anymore.

As society continues to break down traditional gender roles and expectations, you have probably asked the question “do I have too much masculine energy?”. If you’ve found yourself questioning whether you have too much masculine energy, it’s important to first understand what that means.

Masculine energy can be a good thing, of course we all know about the benefits of being in touch with our masculine side – it’s what motivates us to take action, to set goals, be assertive and to strive for success.

If you’re feeling disconnected, short-fused, and on edge, stuck on alpha mode and you can’t turn it off or constantly seeking to dominate every conversation, then it may be time to reflect on how you’re channeling your masculine energy.

A woman with too much masculine energy shows excessive masculine energy traits such as always chasing goals, lack of empathy, stress and anxiety, poor health, feeling disconnected, overly aggressive, impatient, hyper-independence, high ambition, assertiveness, controlling.

Take a closer look at your life, your relationships, and how you feel on a daily basis.

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woman with too much masculine energy
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Woman with too much masculine energy in the workplace

Being a woman with too much masculine energy can be intimidating to coworkers and possibly push them away, making the work environment feel even more tense.

She hustles, and is highly competitive zeroing in on success with an “all or nothing” attitude. Literally working round the clock to advance up that corporate ladder – she’ll do anything necessary even if it means stepping on others.

She’s so power-hungry that she’ll do whatever it takes to get her way. She does this by sucking up to people in charge and positioning herself for the top spot.

How does one recognize the signs of too much masculine energy at work? Keep an eye out for masculine tendencies such as aggressive behaviour, tendency to be overly competitive, the need to control everything and dominate others.

Working as a woman who dwells in her masculine energy can be a miserable experience for others who work with you. Sure, it’s important to be assertive and confident, but there’s a fine line between that and being straight up overbearing.

Woman with too much masculine energy at home

Many women today are feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of modern life that they neglect their self care, personal hygiene and appearance.

Self care is just as important for women as it is for men; however, if a woman wants to balance out her masculine energy with a bit more feminine energy, she has to first prioritise taking care of herself before everyone around her.

When we step outside the confines of our daily to-do lists and make an effort to consciously relax and appreciate the beauty of nature, female energy can be restored.

Women should remember that it’s okay to stop striving and start simply being in the moment – the ultimate form of self care!

The newfound energy you get from taking care of yourself will manifest into all areas of life – from finances to relationships.

Woman with too much masculine energy in relationships

A woman with too much masculine energy in a relationship can be a challenge to balance.

It’s like having a tug of war between trying to be the protector and the protected, and unfortunately, it can result in romantic relationships feeling like they’re stuck in an endless cycle of push and pull.

She strives to be liked and accepted by any means necessary, often leading her down a path of one-sided friendships, frenemies or even abusive relationships. She will often be taken for granted or take on more than her fair share of the work in relationships.

A woman with too much masculine energy will often feel overwhelmed and exhausted as she puts all of her effort into planning meet-ups, calling and texting first and always being available for everyone except herself in an effort to seek the approval of others.

Her selflessness results in an exhausting cycle where the love and effort isn’t reciprocated, in fact she gets overlooked and will settle for relationship crumbs.

She will put off masculine men and healthy relationships with her repelling force as she is always chasing and puts herself last, which is highly unattractive to anyone.

woman with too much masculine energy

What makes a woman have masculine energy?

Maybe you are reading this and thought “Why do I have so much masculine energy?”

Well, women with too much masculine energy often find they have to go into survival mode. They recognise the need to protect themselves by compartmentalising their emotions and use physical strength or assertiveness to get by in tough situations.

This can happen for a few reasons..

1. Having an absent mother figure or no feminine role models

Growing up without a mother figurer, or worse an abusive mother can be a challenging experience for any child, especially for girls. As someone who grew up without my mother in my life, I know firsthand the impact it can have on developing a feminine identity.

Without this guidance, a woman can tend to develop too much masculine energy, which can be problematic in certain situations. This imbalanced energy can cause them to out of touch with their femininity and womanhood.

It’s important to surround yourself with feminine role models who can offer different perspectives and experiences, but it’s equally important to seek out resources and community like this blog that can help you fill that need for feminine guidance.

2. Generational curse or trauma

Generational curses are real and can be passed down from generation to generation. If the women in your family were groomed to be masculine, that will also be passed down to you.

In our society, we often find ourselves tangled up in cultural expectations. Many of these expectations are heavily influenced by gender roles.

For far too long, there has been an overwhelming pressure for women especially black women to embody traditional masculine ideals, such as strength, independence, long suffering as well as being the provider for their families.

This would often lead to a woman having too much masculine energy. It can become a stifling force, limiting our ability to experience and express the feminine aspects of ourselves.

3. Experiencing abuse

Experiencing abuse can have a profound impact on a person’s psyche, leading to a range of trauma responses and coping mechanisms. Unfortunately, when faced with any trauma, it can manifest in ways that leads to a woman having blocked feminine energy.

One common trauma response is to become hyper-independent and to be protective of oneself, even if this means cutting off or denying your own femininity.

It’s important to acknowledge that this is a normal trauma response from abuse and one that can be worked through with time, patience, and help from a therapist.

The journey towards healing from abuse is never easy, but by acknowledging the ways in which the trauma response hinders your life, you can begin to make progress towards living a more fulfilling life.

Remember, healing is possible and you deserve to find peace and happiness in your life.

woman with too much masculine energy

4. Being let down by men in your life

Have you ever felt like the men in your life just don’t measure up? Maybe your father wasn’t emotionally available, or your ex-boyfriend just couldn’t commit.

When this happens, we try to become more masculine to compensate for the betrayal or disappointment we’ve experienced.

Unfortunately, These experiences can actually cause a woman to develop wounded masculine energy that can block her feminine energy.

Signs of blocked feminine energy include feeling disconnected from your intuition or emotions, struggling to find joy in life and constantly feeling the need to prove yourself. If you want to know more about the traits of the wounded feminine energy and the wounded masculine energy you can read about it here.

Recognising these patterns is the first step to healing and reclaiming your divine feminine energy.

How can a woman reduce her masculine energy?

Are you feeling like you have too much masculine energy going on? Sometimes we just need to balance our masculine and feminine energy, to feel more centred.

So, here are 7 quick tips on how to be less masculine as a woman.

  • Try practicing some yoga or other calming exercises to help you relax and connect with your body. This works in releasing any pent-up tension and stress.
  • Switch up your wardrobe and incorporate clothes that accentuates your feminine form. Dressing up will boost your feminine energy.
  • Try experimenting with some new makeup techniques to enhance your natural beauty.
  • Get in touch with your emotions and express yourself through art, writing, or another creative outlet.
  • Surround yourself with uplifting and positive energy to radiate confidence and femininity.
  • Practice self-care like taking a spa day or getting a massage.
  • Spend time with your girlfriends and connect over happy hour or a night out dancing.

Remember, it’s all about balancing that masculine and feminine energy, so give yourself permission to tap into your divine feminine.

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