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Here’s how to actually glow up.

Go beyond the physical. Sure, working on your physical glow up is great and the results can be so amazing that it happens overnight! But the results are never long lasting. Not to mention, adhering to societal beauty standards can be overwhelming, maybe even frustrating for some.

In this article, you will learn how to glow up mentally and physically. Don’t expect this article to give you tips about just drinking water, showering everyday (even though you really should be), wearing tons of perfume and slathering on face creams.

If you are looking for how to glow up in a week, then read this article.

Ready for your glow up transformation? Keep reading.

How Do I Start My Glow Up?

A glow up happens when you intentionally take care of specific areas of your life so that you can transform into the best version of yourself. The key to starting your glow up is to develop your confidence.

This is the number 1 tip on how to start your glow up. Daily exercise routine can actually reduce the symptom of depression because when you exercise you release endorphins which are natural pain killers.

According to this study, physical fitness is also directly correlated to your levels of self esteem and body image. And we all know how body image is crucial to having confidence and can affect your mental & psychological health.

In other words, exercise can make you perceive your body differently.

Doing exercises like aerobics can help increase BDNF levels, which are good for the brain’s hippocampal function. This study found that even light and moderate exercise can make the hippocampus larger and improve learning and memory.

Find out more about how to be a confident as a woman

How To Glow Up Mentally

Let’s start with mental health,

I know you want to just skip this one and move over to the physical but ignoring your mental health can have adverse effects on the way you look.

For example, stress can cause hair thinning, acne, wrinkles, eye bags, teeth shifting, fatigue, bloating and weight gain. And those are just physical symptoms.

I don’t know about you, but that should make you think twice before allowing somebody’s son stress you out! Why do you think that girls always glow up after a bad breakup? It’s the Toxic boyfriend effect – yes I’m putting a spin on the boyfriend effect Tiktok trend.


this speaks for itself

♬ greedy sped up – Tate McRae

1. Give Up Your Vices

We all have our vices, it is important that you are aware of yours as they could be doing you more harm than good.

Whatever yours is, (could be binge-eating, doom scrolling, dating apps, impulsive shopping) going cold turkey would be the best thing you can do for your growth. These vices are usually just distractions from what is really going on internally, and the sooner you can find out what it is, the better.

2. Say No To Situationships

Or delusionships.

Say no to toxic relationships in general.

Why waste your time on one guy or girl, when they are literally over 8 billion people on the planet? If you really prefer being with someone who treats you badly than to be alone, you might be better off just learning to love your own company.

If you have been a serial dater and have been constantly going from bad relationship to bad relationships take it as a sign from the universe to love yourself more.

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3. Do Things Solo

When you start to do things alone, you will gain a whole lot of confidence you never had before and develop your problem solving skills. Try solo travel, it is the best way to learn more about your self and to gain a wider perspective on life.

Solo dating has completely changed how I view myself, it has definitely reduced the anxiety that I used to feel in public spaces, plus it’s so fun dressing up just to go out by yourself – the people you meet along the way and the new experiences you have is just a bonus!

Single? Here’s How To Romanticize Your Life

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4. Put Yourself Out There

Put yourself out of your comfort zone. Develop your networking skills, it could be a fun way to meet more people. You will learn so much about yourself and others, the more you interact with people.

Go on Bumble friends to make new friends and broaden your social circle. Find uplifting people who support the real you. Honestly, the worst thing that could happen is you get rejected, but they is getting used to rejection that it no longer has power over you.

5. Read Self help Books

Reading is one self care habit I swear by and it has transformed my life!

It’s a great way to boost your self esteem. Delving into self help books can provide valuable guidance and inspiration, empowering you to cultivate positive habits, overcome challenges, and unlock your full potential.

The habit of reading not only enriches your mind but also nourishes the soul, paving the way for a radiant glow up in every aspect of life.

6. Protect Your Energy

Toxic people are everywhere – I call them energy vampires and we can’t always avoid them, they could be your family members or the people you live with. The best thing you can do is to limit their access to you, physically, emotionally and especially spiritually.

Set boundaries to maintain your peace of mind especially with people who are committed to misunderstanding you.

7. Live In The Present

One of the main causes of depression is living in the past and wishing things were different than they are.

Meditation gets you connected to your body. This practise will help you feel at peace afterwards. Meditating daily helped me so much when I had severe panic attacks and separation anxiety.

Meditation has so much benefits, like greater clarity and peace of mind. It affects the way you react to people and external situations.

If meditation isn’t your thing, you can always practise being mindful with your daily tasks.

8. Listen To Self Love Affirmations

A lasting glow up is the effect of the thoughts that you think.

You think ugly thoughts and you will definitely feel and even look ugly. You think pretty thoughts and you will start to spend extra time doing your hair and taking care of your body, making you look even prettier.

Beauty is all in the mind. You think better thoughts, it affects your actions and it will reflect outwardly.

Here are some self love affirmations that can serve as cute little reminders.

9. Do Your Shadow Work

By confronting your deepest fears, insecurities, and unresolved traumas, shadow work enables you to break free from self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that may be holding you back.

This inner work not only enhances your self image, it positively impacts your relationships, career, and overall quality of life. Ultimately, by shining a light on your shadows, you can unlock your true potential and experience a profound and lasting glow up from within.

If you are interested in doing shadow work, I have a workbook that goes over healing your shadow in extreme detail.

10. Invest in yourself

Whether it’s a course you take to learn new skills or you finally took the leap to buy your first splurge, the best investment you can ever make is on yourself.

I was listening to this podcast, and a guy was asked if he lost everything today and he had just $5000, what would he do with the money? He outrightly said “I would invest in my appearance” and this was a straight guy y’all!

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Always pay yourself first”, that saying very much applies here. Before investing in other people’s businesses, invest in yours, invest in your education or personal development, that will always give you the highest return possible. Your future self will thank you!

How To Glow Up Physically

You deserve to love the way you look and feel your best, but sometimes life can take a toll on our appearance. Whether it’s stress, lack of sleep, other responsibilities or a busy schedule that’s left you feeling rundown, these tips can work wonders for your overall look and boost your confidence.

If you apply the points on how to glow up mentally, then these simple tricks on how to glow up physically will work even faster for you and will be more sustainable, because you will be acting from a place of self love and not self sabotage.

11. Change Your Wardrobe

The secret to your glow up is to start learning to dress and look more feminine.

If you feel like the invisible girl in your friend group, then I know you know what it’s like to be ignored or not considered at all. Unfortunately we live in a society that judges people based on appearance.

But, you can use that to your advantage, start dressing better if you want more success in your life. I know I have learned this the hard way. Appearance is everything, and it can be challenging to know where to start. Check out the style section of this blog!

12. Weight Loss/Gain

Losing weight can be a significant aspect of one’s glow up journey, shedding excess pounds can lead to increased energy levels, improved mobility, and enhanced confidence in one’s appearance.

Alternatively, you may want to gain a few pounds if you feel you are too lean.

Achieving a healthier weight can positively impact self-esteem and body image, fostering a greater sense of self-worth and empowerment.

The most important takeaway is that you get your body to look the best that it can. Adopting healthier eating habits and incorporating regular exercise promotes overall health and longevity.

13. Find A Beauty Routine That Works For You

Discover what beauty routine works for you by dedicating time each day to skincare, makeup, and grooming practices tailored to you, not what looks best on someone else.

Work with your own features. A beauty routine not only nurtures the skin, hair, and overall appearance but also serves as a form of self care and self expression.

This will make you feel empowered and confident in your own self identity.

14. Get Your Beauty Sleep

A simple tip on how to glow up is to start getting your beauty rest.

During beauty sleep, the body undergoes crucial repair, including cell regeneration and the production of collagen, which helps maintain skin elasticity and reduces signs of aging.

Additionally, adequate sleep promotes a healthy complexion by reducing inflammation and preventing dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.

Try this for a week and notice how bright your skin glows, notice the reduction of dark circles and the change in your energy.

Beyond its effects on appearance, quality sleep also plays a vital role in glowing up mentally as it can enhance your mood, cognitive function, and stress resilience.

15. Eat Whole Foods

Lastly, eat well and I mean cut down on the processed foods. This habit can make or break the overall progress you’ve made on your looks.

Whole foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats, are rich in essential nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that promote glowing skin.

It’s not just limited to your skin, fueling your body with nutrient-dense foods, also enhance hair strength, nails and your metabolism.

In conclusion, achieving a glow up is not just changing up the physical, a huge aspect of glowing up is about the mental. There are so many pretty girls who don’t actually feel pretty, I know this because I used to be one of them.

Just imagine waking up the next day with a completely different outlook on your appearance. Follow all these points on how to glow up and let me know how it works out for you!

A glow up transformation is needed to give you that newfound confidence and self esteem. Let me know in the comments if you have any simple tips and tricks that have helped you on your glow up journey.

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