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So you want to be happy?

It’s simple think happy thoughts.

We all go through days that seem to have our negative Nancy thoughts spiralling out of control, these thoughts are often exacerbated by external circumstances.

The thoughts you have whether positive or negative begin to shape your reality so the quickest way to gain control over your life and manifest your dream life is to think happy thoughts. It’s not always easy to do but would you rather continue to self sabotage by fuelling negative thoughts?

Positive thoughts produces positive results. Negative thoughts produces more negative results in the future.

It is really important to note that whatever happens to you is reality, you give it meaning by choosing to interpret it as negative or positive based on your beliefs, feelings and biases about yourself.

It’s like seeing your glass as half empty or half full, the reality is it’s just a glass filled with water but how you interpret it makes it good or bad.

The mind is really interesting with the way it works because when you interpret your past events as solely negative, that shapes your worldview and you begin to subconsciously expect more negative things to happen to you.

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so” 

William Shakespeare

The science behind positive thoughts show the physiological effects they can have on your body. Research has demonstrated that engaging in positive thinking can directly contribute to reduced stress levels, improved physical well-being, and even a longer life.

As you continue reading, you’ll find out 27 happy thoughts you can use to counteract negative thoughts when they come up to alter your perspective on challenging situations.

happy thoughts for the day
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27 Happy Thoughts For The Day

1. I Am Good Enough

When someone believes they are not good enough, it can lead to negative thoughts and self-doubt. However, it is important to remember that everyone has their own unique qualities and strengths, comparing yourself to others is self-sabotaging your happiness.

One way to combat the feeling of not being good enough is to focus on accomplishments and positive traits. It can be helpful to make a list of things that have been achieved or skills that have been developed. This can serve as a reminder of your capabilities and help boost confidence.

Another way to reinforce the idea of being good enough is to practice self-compassion. This involves treating oneself with kindness and understanding, rather than harsh criticism.

When mistakes are made, it is important to remember that everyone makes mistakes and it does not define their worth as a person.

2. Progress Over Perfection

When it comes to cultivating happy thoughts, the pursuit of perfection can often be a hindrance rather than a help. Instead, focusing on progress can be a more effective way to achieve happiness.

Perfectionism can lead to a constant sense of dissatisfaction, as nothing ever feels good enough. This can create a cycle of getting caught up in the pursuit of an unattainable ideal.

On the other hand, focusing on progress allows individuals to recognize and celebrate their achievements, no matter how small.

One way to embrace progress over perfection is to set realistic goals. This means breaking down larger goals into smaller, more achievable steps. By doing so, you can track your progress and feel a sense of accomplishment with each step you take.

3. My Past Does Not Define Me

Everyone has a past. Some people have had difficult experiences that have shaped who they are today.

However, it is important to remember that the past does not define a person. It is possible to move forward and create a happy life, regardless of what has happened in the past.

The way to move forward is to focus on the present. By living in the moment, you can fully appreciate what you have right now. This can include relationships, accomplishments, and personal growth.

It is important to acknowledge the past, but dwelling on it can prevent a person from fully experiencing the present. Learn from your past mistakes rather than dwell on them. By accepting that mistakes are a natural part of life and personal growth, you can move forward and grow from those experiences.

Read this interesting article on to change your past by changing your thinking!

4. I Give Myself The Permission To Be Happy

When it comes to happiness, everyone has a upper limit to which a certain amount of happiness feels uncomfortable, when they reach this level of happiness they find ways to self sabotage it.

The underlying reason for this is that many people believe that happiness is something that they need to earn or deserve. They think they need to accomplish certain goals or meet certain expectations before they can allow themselves to be happy.

However, this belief is not only untrue but also harmful.

The truth is that happiness is not something that needs to be earned. It is a state of mind that can be achieved at any time from within, regardless of one’s circumstances. The key is to give oneself permission to be happy.

This means recognising that happiness is a basic human right and that you don’t need to meet certain conditions to be deserving of it.

5. Everything is Happening for Me, Not Against Me

When things don’t go as planned, it’s easy to feel like the universe is conspiring against you.

However, adopting a mindset that everything is happening for you, not against you, can help shift your perspective to happy thoughts that will lead to more positive outcomes.

Instead of feeling defeated, you can approach obstacles with a sense of curiosity and openness. This can lead to new insights and solutions that you may not have discovered otherwise.

It’s important to note that adopting this mindset doesn’t mean that everything will always go smoothly. Life is full of ups and downs, and there will be times when things feel overwhelming or unfair.

By believing that everything is happening for you, you can view challenges as opportunities for growth and learning.

6. This Feeling Won’t Last Forever

When life gets tough, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that things will never get better.

This way of thinking can often lead to depression and even suicidal thoughts. No matter how difficult things may seem right now, there is always hope for a brighter future. It’s important to remember that this feeling won’t last forever.

Another helpful strategy is to remind yourself that everything in life is temporary. Just as the good times don’t last forever, neither do the bad times.

It may be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s there. Keep pushing forward, and eventually, things will start to look up.

Finally, it’s important to seek support when you need it. Whether it’s talking to a friend, seeing a therapist, or joining a support group, there are people out there who can help you through difficult times. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help when you need it.

7. Thoughts and Feelings Aren’t Facts

When it comes to happy thoughts, it’s important to remember that thoughts and feelings aren’t always facts. Just because someone thinks or feels something doesn’t mean it’s true or accurate.

For example, if someone is feeling anxious about an upcoming event, their thoughts may be racing with worst-case scenarios. However, just because they are feeling anxious and having these thoughts doesn’t mean that those scenarios will actually happen.

In fact most of the things we worry about often end up not happening.

It’s important to recognise that thoughts and feelings are often influenced by our past experiences, current moods, beliefs, and biases. These factors can distort our perception of reality and cause us to see things or interpret events in a negative light.

By acknowledging that thoughts and feelings aren’t always accurate, we can begin to challenge them and reframe them in a more positive light. This can help to cultivate happy positive thoughts.

8. I Have Survived Other Tough Times Before

When faced with difficult situations, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and defeated. However, it’s important to remember that tough times don’t last.

What’s that saying? “Tough times don’t last but tough people do”.

In fact, most people have faced challenging situations in their lives and have come out stronger on the other side.

It’s important to remind oneself of past victories and how they were able to overcome obstacles. By doing so, one can gain the confidence and strength needed to face current struggles.

For instance, when Sarah lost her job a few years ago, she felt hopeless and lost.

But she reminded herself that she had faced similar situations in the past and had always come out stronger. She used her past experiences as motivation to keep pushing forward and eventually landed a better job.

Similarly, when John was diagnosed with a serious illness, he felt scared and uncertain about the future.

But he reminded himself of the tough times he had faced before and how he had always managed to overcome them. He used his past experiences as a source of strength and hope, and eventually made a full recovery.

9. I Am In Control Of My Life

Individuals who have happy thoughts believe that they are in control of their lives. They do not feel like they are at the mercy of their circumstances or other people. Instead, they take responsibility for their actions and the outcomes they produce.

When someone believes they are in control of their life, they are more likely to set goals, make plans, and take action towards creating happiness for themselves.

They do not wait for opportunities to come to them; instead, they create their opportunities.

People who feel in control of their lives are also more resilient and have more faith in the face of challenges. They understand that setbacks and failures are a natural part of the process of creating their dream life. They do not give up easily and are willing to try again and again until they succeed.

Moreover, individuals who believe they are in control of their lives are more likely to have a positive outlook on life. They do not see themselves as victims of their circumstances but rather as creators of their destiny.

This mindset allows them to focus on what they can control and let go of what they cannot control.

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10. I Don’t Have to Figure This All Out Right Now, I Can Trust the Process

When it comes to achieving goals or making progress in life, it’s easy to get bogged down by the details and feel overwhelmed by the enormity of your aspirations.

However, it’s important to remember that progress is a process, and that it’s okay to take things one step at a time.

By acknowledging that you don’t have to figure everything out right now, you can reduce your stress levels and approach your goals by chunking it down to simple manageable steps.

This will allow you to focus on the present moment and take each step as it comes, rather than worrying about the future and the process to get there.

Trusting the process is about having faith in yourself and your abilities, as well as in the universe and the natural order of things. It’s about recognizing that everything happens for a reason, and that even setbacks and failures can be valuable learning experiences that ultimately bring us closer to our goals.

happy thoughts for the day
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11. I Can Choose To Think Positive In Every Situation

Choosing to think positive in any situation is a powerful tool that can help people overcome challenges and improve your confidence. While it may not always be easy to maintain a positive outlook, it is possible to choose to think positively in every situation.

Failure to do so will create mental monsters that will eat away at your self esteem, which will overtime cause depression and anxiety.

It is also important to recognize and challenge negative thought patterns. Often, negative thoughts can become ingrained and automatic, leading to a cycle of negativity and eventually suicidal thoughts.

Neuroplasticity, is the scientifically proven ability of our brains to change form and function based on repeated behaviors, emotions, and thoughts, the more you dwell on sad memories, the more you reinforce them.   

And guess what happens?? The mind begins to look for more proof in the external world to reinforce your beliefs

By identifying and questioning your thoughts, you can begin to reframe them in a more positive light and focus on the good in every situation. Even in difficult circumstances, there are often silver linings or opportunities for growth.

12. I Choose To Have Realistic Expectations Of Others

When it comes to interacting with others, it’s important to have realistic expectations. This means not expecting perfection or flawless behavior from others, but instead understanding that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.

By having realistic expectations, one can avoid disappointment and frustration when others don’t meet their unrealistic standards. It also allows for more empathy and understanding towards others, as one can recognize that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have.

Having realistic expectations can also lead to healthier relationships, as it allows for open communication and a willingness to work through challenges together. It’s important to remember that no one is perfect, and that’s okay.

By accepting this fact, one can focus on the positive aspects of others and appreciate them for who they are and what they bring to your life. This can lead to more positive and fulfilling interactions with those around us.

13. A New Day Is Another Opportunity To Try Again

Every day is a new beginning, a new chance to start fresh. When yesterday’s worries and failures weigh heavy on the mind, a new day provides the opportunity to try again. The sun rises, and with it comes the promise of a new beginning.

For those who struggle with anxiety or depression, the thought of facing another day can be overwhelming. But with a positive mindset, a new day can be seen as a gift, a chance to make things right, to try again.

It’s important to remember that mistakes are a part of life. Nobody is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. But the beauty of a new day is that it provides the opportunity to learn from those mistakes and to make things right.

In short, a new day is another opportunity to leave yesterday’s worries behind and to approach the day with a positive perspective. With each new day comes the opportunity to learn, to grow, and to make things right.

14. I Am Grateful For Everything I Have

Another approach to developing happy thoughts is to practice gratitude. Taking time to appreciate the good things in one’s life can help counteract negative thoughts and feelings.

This can be as simple as making a daily list of things one is grateful for or taking a few moments to reflect on positive experiences throughout the day. Or simply just coming up with a mantra like “I have everything I need” can help to shift your mood greatly.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life and forget to appreciate what we have. Taking a moment to reflect on the things we are grateful for can bring a sense of peace and contentment to our lives.

When one focuses on the good things in life, it becomes easier to see the positive aspects of even the most upsetting and challenging situations. This is why gratitude is such a powerful tool for maintaining happy thoughts.

People who practice writing gratitude lists regularly have been shown to experience a wide range of benefits, including increased happiness, improved relationships, and better sleep.

15. My Validation Comes From Within

Constantly looking for validation from external sources such as your friends, family, financial status, achievements or coworkers is the quickest way to feel not good enough.

However, those who have mastered the art of being happy know that true validation comes from having happy thoughts about themselves.

When you rely on external validation, you are essentially giving others the power to control your emotions and sense of self-worth.

The insatiable hunger for validation is what drives feelings of inadequacy and anxiety, because as you would have to come to find out, the feeling is only temporary and the bar continues to go up.

On the other hand, when someone learns to validate themselves, they become more self-assured, confident, and happy.

One way to validate oneself is to focus on living for yourself and doing things that make you genuinely happy.

This can be done by romanticising your life, practising self care, being kind to yourself , journaling and affirming yourself, or simply reminding oneself of strengths and past successes.

Self validation means treating oneself with the same kindness and understanding as one would a close friend. When someone is kind to themselves, they are less likely to seek validation from others and more likely to feel content and think happy thoughts.

16. I am attracting positive experiences into my life

The power of thinking happy thoughts is real, and it can have a profound effect on a person’s life. By focusing on positive thoughts, a person can attract positive and genuine people and experiences into their life.

This is because thoughts have energy, and what a person thinks about, they bring about.

When a person focuses on positive thoughts, they emit positive energy, which attracts positive people and experiences. These people and experiences can help a person grow and develop in ways they never thought possible.

Also lets face it your ability to recollect your experiences as positive or negative will be a determining factor as to whether you are happy or miserable.

Have you ever wondered “Why do bad things happen to good people?.” Well, it’s because of the ongoing negative dialogue that an individual has with themselves, these negative self talk become a self fulfilling prophecy that can sabotage your life experiences and happiness.

17. I Let Go of the Past and All That Doesn’t Serve Me

They say that holding onto the past is like holding onto a hot coal, hoping that it will burn someone else. It only ends up hurting oneself.

This is why it is important to let go of the past and all that doesn’t serve us.

When you hold onto negative experiences, it can cloud your judgment when new experiences come your way and potentially block and sabotage new blessings.

It can lead to negative thought patterns and behaviors that can be detrimental to their mental and physical health.

Letting go of the past doesn’t mean forgetting about it.

It means acknowledging what happened and choosing to move forward as a wiser version of yourself. It means taking control of one’s thoughts and emotions and not allowing the past to dictate their present or future.

By letting go of the past, one can open themselves up to new experiences, people and opportunities. You can focus on the present moment and appreciate the good things in your life right now. It allows you to live in the moment and enjoy what they have right now.

18. I Deserve Good Things to Happen to Me

Everyone deserves happiness but not everyone believes that they deserve happiness.

This is why some people tend to self sabotage their good fortunes and happiness.

As I mentioned previously in this article, some people have an upper limit on happiness. The minute things start to get really good, you doubt it and end up self sabotaging because deep down you do not feel worthy of good things.

Self sabotaging usually looks like;

  • Not taking a chance and trying things you know will make you happy.
  • You stop putting in effort when you start to see progress at work or in any goals you have been working on
  • Acting clingy and desperate, ending things abruptly, or distancing yourself which ends up putting a strain to a good relationship

When you believe that you deserve good things, you are more likely to attract positive experiences into your life. Another way to reinforce this new belief that you deserve good things is by doing the deep inner shadow work.

19. As Long as You’re Happy, Who Cares

When it comes to happiness, the most important thing is that you are happy with your life. It doesn’t matter what others think or say about your choices, as long as you are content with them.

People often feel pressured to conform to society’s expectations and standards, but this can lead to a lack of fulfillment and happiness.

It’s important to remember that everyone’s definition of happiness is different, and what works for one person may not work for another.

For example, some people find happiness in pursuing their passions, while others find it in spending time with loved ones or traveling the world. Figure out what brings you joy and to prioritise those things in your life.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should disregard the opinions of others entirely. Constructive criticism can be helpful in certain situations, but at the end of the day, you should trust your own judgment and make decisions that align with your values and goals.

As long as you are happy with your life choices, that’s all that matters.

happy thoughts for the day
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20. It’s Never Too Late to Start Over

Whether it’s changing careers, going back to school, or starting a new hobby, take the first step and begin the journey towards a happier and more fulfilling life. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and feel like it’s too late to make a change, but with the right mindset and determination, anything is possible.

Starting over can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to making major life changes like getting over a breakup, moving to a different country or making new friends.

It’s important to remember that it’s never too late to start over and pursue your dreams.

One of the keys to starting over is to let go of any negative thoughts or self-doubt that may be holding you back. Believe in yourself and your abilities, and remember that failure is just a stepping stone towards success, it will all be worth it in the end.

In the end, it’s important to remember that starting over is a journey, not a destination whether you are starting all over at 60, 45, 25.

21. I Can Do Anything I Set My Mind To

The mind has the ability to influence our thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. Our thoughts and beliefs can shape our perception of reality and affect our decision-making.

Your happiness is impacted by what you give your attention to, your mental images and your thoughts.

The mind plays a crucial role in our overall well-being, and research has shown that happy thoughts can even have a significant impact on your body responds.

When someone believes in themselves, by saying ” I am going to be successful” or “Today is going to be a great day”, these happy thoughts can influence the neurotransmitters in your brain, sending signals from the mind to your body to take corresponding action.

In order to develop a can-do attitude, challenge yourself each day as soon as you wake up to think an uplifting thought, make a decision that you already can and you will.

22. Smile

Smiling is a simple yet powerful way to boost one’s mood and spread happiness.

It is a universal language that can be understood by people of all ages and cultures.

When one smiles, it sends a positive signal to the brain, which releases endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemical and painkiller.

This, in turn, reduces stress, anxiety, and depression, and helps to make you happy.

There are many benefits to smiling.

It can improve relationships, as it makes you more approachable and likeable. It can also enhance one’s confidence, making you feel more attractive and successful. It can make you appear younger. It strengthens the immune system, lower blood pressure, and reduce inflammation in the body.

To incorporate more smiling into one’s life, there are a few simple tips to follow.

First, try to smile more often, even if it feels forced at first. Second, smile big, let your teeth show, and you’ll feel happier already. Third, don’t be afraid to share that smile with strangers, most people will smile back and in turn make you feel good about yourself.

23. I am doing the best I can

When faced with challenges, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and doubt yourself.

However, it’s important to remember that everyone is doing the best they can with what they know and have.

Whether it’s a difficult project at work, a new business venture or a series of failed relationships, it’s important to acknowledge that mistakes will be made and setbacks will happen. But instead of dwelling on these negative aspects, it’s important to focus how far you’ve come.

It’s all about trying your best and showing compassion to yourself when things aren’t exactly where you want them to be.

By recognising that you are doing the best you can, you can shift your mindset towards a more positive and productive one.

This can lead to increased motivation to keep moving forward and a greater sense of accomplishment.

24. What’s Meant for Me Will Never Miss Me

When you trust that what’s meant for you will never miss you, it can help you let go of the need to control everything in your life.

Instead, you can focus on doing your best and letting things unfold naturally. This can lead to a sense of peace and contentment, even in the face of uncertainty.

This idea is rooted in the belief that everything in life happens for a reason, and that there is a greater plan at work. Even if things don’t go according to plan, it’s important to trust that everything will work out in the end.

If something or someone is truly meant to be a part of your life, it will find its way to you no matter what. It’s a comforting thought that can help ease anxiety and stress, and allow you to focus on the present moment.

This can be difficult to do, especially when faced with challenges or disappointments, but it’s important to remember that these experiences are all part of the journey to getting what is meant for you.

25. No One is You and That is Your Power

Everyone is unique in their own way, and that is what makes them special.

No one else has the same experiences, thoughts, and feelings as you do. This is your power, and it is important to embrace it.

When you start to compare yourself to others, you are diminishing your own worth. You are not living up to your full potential because you are too busy trying to be like someone else.

But when you embrace your uniqueness, you can start to appreciate yourself for who you are.

It can be easy to get caught up in what others think of you, but remember that their opinions do not define you. You are the only one who knows your true self. Embrace your strengths and weaknesses, and use them to your advantage.

When you accept yourself for who you are, you will start to radiate positivity. You will attract people who appreciate you for who you are, and you will find yourself in more fulfilling relationships.

26. My happiness exists in the present not in the future or past

When it comes to happiness, many people tend to focus on the future or the past. They may believe that happiness is something they have to look forward to, that they will be happy once they make a lot of money or enter a new relationship or acquire a material item.

Whatever it is, dwelling on the past or future can lead to anxiety and depression.

When people worry about what might happen in the future or regret past mistakes, they rob themselves of the peace and contentment that can be found in the present moment.

By focusing on the present, you can fully appreciate the experiences and opportunities that are available to you right now.

Savor the small moments of joy that occur throughout the day, such as a beautiful sunset or a kind word from a friend. You can also cultivate gratitude for the blessings that you currently have in your life, rather than constantly striving for more.

27. Take Nothing Personally

One of the most important aspects of developing happy thoughts is learning to take nothing personally. This can be a difficult task, as humans are naturally wired to take things personally.

However, taking things personally can lead to negative thoughts and emotions, which can ultimately impact overall happiness.

When someone takes something personally, they are essentially allowing the actions or words of another person to affect their own sense of self-worth. This can lead to feelings of anger, sadness, or even depression.

However, by learning to take nothing personally, individuals can begin to develop a sense of emotional detachment that can help them maintain a positive outlook on life. After all, people’s actions and words are a reflection of themselves, not of you.

Also, when you rely on external validation to feel good about yourself, you are more likely to take things personally when you do not receive the validation you are seeking.

We wouldn’t take things personally if there wasn’t a wound in us that was reactivated. 

The question to ask is what wound is this reflecting back to me?

“But it is not what I am saying that is hurting you; it is that you have wounds that I touch by what I have said. You are hurting yourself. There is no way I can take this personally.” ~

Miguel Ruiz

Cultivating Happy Positive Thoughts

Recognise that the interpretation of your past experiences have shaped the life that you have today, but you can choose to not let negative thoughts dictate how you perceive the present. Learn from your past by acknowledging the lessons and then move forward focusing on the present moment.

In order to maintain positive happy thoughts, it’s essential to challenge any negative thoughts that may arise. When you notice negative thoughts, ask yourself if they are truly accurate or if your mind is exaggerating the situation.

Reframing your thoughts can help you to minimize negativity and amplify positive thoughts.

When you notice negative thoughts creeping in, pause and offer yourself kind words and understanding.

Extend this practice of compassion to others by empathising with their emotions, actions and experiences. This will not only create a more positive mindset but also strengthen your relationships with others.

Finally, practice acceptance of circumstances you cannot change. There are some aspects of life that are beyond your control. Accepting these situations allows you to focus your energy on the things you can influence, such as your thoughts, leading to a more positive and productive mindset.

Comments +

  1. Lydiah says:

    We should be ourselves and no one is you,it is you yourself. Trust your process and instinct. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jaishree says:

    Super happy thoughts! Beginning your day with such positive vibes can transform your whole day.

  3. Amina says:

    Wow, what an uplifting post! ? These happy thoughts are like little drops of sunshine for the soul. I especially loved the reminder to ‘I’m good enough’ – it’s so easy to forget to appreciate yourself. Thanks for sharing these positivity boosters; they’ve definitely brightened my day!

  4. Ann says:

    The affirmations that you listed are so inspiring. Staying down and beating up on ourselves don’t change our situation. When I am positive and have hope, it helps me to thrive!

  5. Tracy McHugh says:

    Great reminders to use regularly. I am usually pretty even and happy but sometimes when the stress piles on, it’s hard not to lose focus.

  6. Diomayra says:

    We are responsible for our own happiness! Life gets better when we focus on the good that life has to offer. Thanks for the post!

  7. Anna says:

    My favorites are – I’m good enough and giving yourself permission to be happy!

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